Saturday, December 20, 2008

What would you say?

If someone is telling you:-
i) "Eee, kurusnya.."
ii) "Macam peluk tulang.."
iii) "Berapa berat kau?"
iv) "You are so damn skinny"
v) "Kalau gemuk sikit cantik"
vi) "Tak makan ke?"
vii) "Banyak cacing kot kau ni"


i) "Eee, gemuknya.."
ii) "Macam peluk bantal"
iii) "Kau kene diet.."
iv) "You are so fat, like a pig!"
v) "Klau kurus mesti cantik.."
vi) "Kau mesti makan banyak.."
vii) "Lemak kau dah tepu kot,"
(in a very harsh and humiliating way, macam dia org paling cun/handsome/perfect di dunia. kalau secara joking, I don't mind at all)

What would you do?
If someone telling me one of the proclamations above, I would say:-
"God creates human divergently"
"Manusia lain-lain"

Why people should bother about other people?

I am petite, and yes, I admit that I am underweight. But I have appetite to eat. I love food. I would feel guilty if I skip my breakfast. I eat without limit, because I know I have the difficulty to put on weight. I rarely take fast food, I usually take healthy food.
My mom and my sister are petite too. My mom said when she was at my age, her body was exactly like me. Because of genes or high metabolisme, perhaps?

Several years before, when someone told me that I am skinny (in a very harsh way), I usually ended up emo sepanjang hari. But if you telling me that now, I will just give you my sweetest smile ever :) ehhehe.. yeah, you can call me crazy but, for god's sake, I don't care anymore. To me, human are different. Ada yang tall, short, thin, fat, semua pun menarik dengan masing-masing punya specialty. Ada lelaki suka perempuan yang chubby, sebab chubby cute :), ada lelaki suka perempuan kurus and leper, macam model :) hehe, ada perempuan suka lelaki jambu, ada perempuan suka lelaki kurus, ada yang rasa lelaki boroi cute, haha, etc etc. Whether you are gemuk, chubby, kurus or super-kurus, it doesn't matter, as long as you are healthy. Come on, love yourself!

If you are kind-hearted and wise, I would proudly say 'You are beautiful"

p/s: I love seeing pregnant ladies..

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My head is spinning

My head's dizzy.
I've been having fever and cough since last week, precisely on last Monday.
I went to a doctor and have finished taking the antibiotics, but still have the fever, so I went to a doctor for a second time on last Sunday. The doctor decided to take my blood for dengue test.
Geez. I hate getting sick for God's sake :(
Anyway, I don't think it's dengue.
Like few days ago and until now, I feel dizzy whenever I'm in a car and will end up by throwing up. I don't know what is wrong with me. I don't have appetite to eat and I feel unhealthy so badly!
My dad's answer is simple, he said it's probably just a 'year end sickness', WHICH I HATE MYSELF SO MUCH FOR THAT!!!

Because of this strange sickness, I have to take MCs, two times for the month of December.

Because of these MCs, I dont think I could take leave on this Saturday, 20th (definitely cannot take leave if I still want to work here), which means I cant go to Kuantan for Cherating Gigs. I have to go to work or else, my boss will definitely kick my ass.
So, no gig for me this weekend because of this strange weirdo sickness.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lil Ladyfest 29th November 08

Sapphoric Asid
This is George a.k.a georgia with his fantastic poem 'bout fast food.hihi.quite funny tho!

Mooza mohd, she's brilliant!

At first I was over excited about this party. 30 minutes before the sound check, I pissed off. Towards the end of the party, I found it amusing.


I had so much fun at the LGBT party on last Saturday. It was held at Club 69, opposite Maison at Heritage Row. I never been there before, and that was the first time The Pips were asked to play at the club. LGBT is actually stands for 'Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transsexual' and the purpose of the party was to celebrate the community that has been discriminated by the majority.

I would say that the organizer was a bit too rush about this party that she even forgot about the most important thing for this event, the music equipment. At first I've been told by her that we will be provided with a full set of music equipment during that night but 30 minutes before the sound check, she said there would be no drum and amp. we brought our own amp (lucky we have one), and played acoustic that night. Anyway, thanks to the great audience for the wonderful support :) We loveee youuu.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pendidikan Gratis for all

It's been almost a month I haven't update this crap. I've promised to myself once, if I have free time, I will write. I just write for myself, and I'm 100% believe that no one will read this blog except me.haha.

Yesterday I browsed MEF (Malaysian Employer Federation) website and something interesting caught my eyes. They offered a one year course of Industrial Relation and I believe I need to attend that. In my University days and until now I'm officially sucks in Labour Law. I have called the person in charge, and she said I'm late. The class has been started since last month for module 1, but according to that person in charge, it's never too late for me to participate the second module starting February '09. The class will be conducted every Sunday from 9am-5pm. Whew. Can you imagine? Every Sunday, 9am-5pm for one whole year? Ehem.. I think I'm willing (or I have to?) to sacrifice my Sunday for that :)

I think I can deal with study on every Sunday but the only problem that I need to re-consider is, I need $$$$$.$$ for the fee. Hmmm...I don't want to ask ma and dad for that..I'm thinking about taking personal loan and I will pay it every month. Still need to mull over about that. I don't know which bank offers lowest interest and I need time to find out about it. The deadline for the registration is on this comin December (end of December), which is...4 weeks to go.
Sorry for complaining too much. I'll figure out a way. Damn*

Oo yea. Forgot to tell you my beloved e-diary, The Pips have found good drummer. Last night we had jamming session with our new drummer, and he's good. Anyway, he is the old tele-friend of mine (long story). We never try our songs with drum beat before, and at first, personally I found that our songs sound weird with drum beat. But after one hour and a half, I think it's okay.

Ahhh apa apa je lah.
OK, i need to sambung kerja :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

move! move! move!

I always believe that things happen for a reason.

Even though it is painful to swallow, you have to move forward. Don’t look back, just move forward…until you reach two consequences; fail or success.

If you meet success, you are considered lucky. But if you don’t, just remember that things happen for a reason. Take it as your life experience, and you will be the happier person on earth.

Human tend to make mistake. But all we need to do is just move forward. Don’t look back. Remember? Don’t look back. Never regret in whatever you do, because things happen for a reason. Mistake is the only way for revolution. If people don’t make mistake, there would be no revolution. Things would become dormant without revolution. By making mistake, people will learn their lesson. People will realize what is valuable to his/her life. Bare in mind, do not repeat the same mistake, be better and appreciate what you have in hands.

Forgiveness is one of the greatest things in life.

If someone hurts you, just open your heart to forgive. Human tends to make mistake. Just move forward...until you reach two consequences; fail or success. If you believe in your heart that you will success, it might be a success. BUT remember, it must come along with effort, to make it comes true.

It is a life-long process.

Life is a try and error. Life is like gambling. Life is like a plain white canvas, it depends on how you paint it.

Friday, October 24, 2008

unimportant Note

Im so sleepy..

Damn. I noticed I always say "I'm sleepy" everytime I wrote something on my blog.
Lotsa things happened recenly. Eva died, Yuen didn't get scholarship to study abroad, practicing for gigs on Nov 8th, miscommunication with him, work at the office becomes stagnant etc etc.

Hmmm..tonight im going to open house with him.
Tomorrow i'll be going to Penang for holidays.

Magic Mush is doing well.
Err, whatelse?
Perasaan untuk keluar from this country semakin membuak.

I have booked air ticket to Melbourne for next year.
I have to pospone my plan to take scuba diving licence which I suppose to take on this coming December.
Terasa nak ke Indo on this coming December. Tapi malas nak plan.
I have to save my annual leave for so many reasons.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Girl Fest 2008


i cant wait :D but we havent start practicing.maybe we gonna play 5 songs.

Come and see us play! :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

BuBu Dude

He's happy now. After 15mins bonding with him. He's smiling, i guess! :) He's soooo cuteeeeee. 1st attempt: Scratching his head, ear & chin so that he's not scared of us!. But he's not happy. I can see it from his "let-me-go" eyes.
Bubu distracted. Still in apprehension stage.

Since I was little, I have a visual of myself accompanied by a big-golden brown-dog, jogging down the hill in the morning.

I want a dog, but now I live in a small apartment. Mom and Dad stay in landed house, but of course, they wont let me to have one. I'm just a girl who live in a small apartment with no elevator. Plus, Im working 5 days a week (sometimes 6 days a week) from 8.30am - 5.30pm, which makes me dont have time for myself. How am I going to have a dog?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Back to the Office

It's been raining since afternoon.
I can't wait to go home. Im at the office now, spend the whole day doing proposal for Malaysian Career & Training Fair that will be held on January next year.

One week getaway was OK.
Meet an old friends, spend our time together like nobody business.

Ive been thinking about going to Kuching on this comin Deepavali but still havent book the air ticket yet. Dont have a clear idea where should I go, anyway.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Let me out of here

I hate festive season for god's sake.
I have to sacrifice my annual leave for a long holidays, which otherwise I can use it for other getaway or for backpacking. I have to sacrifice my annual leave for family gathering, where people talk and brag about their life achievements, wear the best clothes on and being nosy about other people. FUCK all that.

Sometimes I just dont get it, why people willing to torture themselves, spend lots of money for festival until at the end of the day, they dont have enough for themselves?
People spending extra money for the 'ang pau' and for the preparations, give food to other people that who dont even care about them, even worst to people who talk bad behind them. I jus dont get it.

Whatever it is, its up to you how you gonna spend your money to, but always bare in mind, being mediocre in life is a bliss.

I just dont like festive season. I hate it.
Me and mom meet each other almost everyweek, so I dont see any relevant why should I celebrate this festival and even worst make it into something that really special? To me I can always do it on usual days. And yes, I did it most of the time.

I want to run out of this norm of life. Settle down somewhere else.
Out from this comfort zone AGAIN.
If everything is just FINE, if life is sooo good, if you do not have to think about anything because everything has been prepared, if your daily life becomes a routine, please bare in mind, there's something wrong with it. It means that you are in your comfort zone. Sooner or later you will realized that everything is just stagnant. Life is just futile.If you are unlucky you will be in your comfort zone forever.If you think that your comfort zone is the best place to be, then it's your choice. Your life, you decide.

Long time ago I choose to stay in Sarawak on my own just because I need to go out from my comfort zone. 3 years in Sarawak, life became so comfortable.
So I came back to KL and the same thing happened.
Everything is just so comfortable so I decided to stay in the beautiful Island. Things became usual plus hell so I came back here again.

Now my head starts to think about getting away AGAIN!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i wish...

lamak kamek sik up-date blog.
kamek di ofice kinektok.kamek rindu zaman belajar di Kuching.
3 tahun aku belajar sia. maok ngabas nemiak di kuching. Aku quite gago recently. Mun sik da apa-apa, kamek maok ngabas Kuching October tok,

ooo damnnn..i'm so sucks in Sarawak Language. I've made Sarawak Language ugly. Sorry for that!

Anyways, I miss Sarawak. I miss my 3 years studying at the place like no other, the Borneo Island.
I browsed Gadjah Mada University website yesterday. Been thinking to take second degree in human psychology in Yogyakarta, perhaps? I always wanted to take second degree and I love Yogya a lot. But I dont think now is the best time to leave.. Maybe later. Yeah later.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Things I MUST do before I turn 30

Things I MUST do:-

ii) Gain experience in Human Resources
iii) Learn acoustic guitar to the highest level ;p
iv) Scuba Diving License
v) Euro Trip
vi) Earn more money from the Online Boutique, hehe
vii) Do master in HR, and be a lecturer.

Magic Mush New Arrival

Latest update at

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Help me I'm starving!!

Last weekend was great. I went back to Ipoh for 4 days, and I'm so glad that I manage to met up with Ikh, Katik and Sue. It's been a very long time I haven't meet them, except for Katik, which I last met her on July.

It was awesome spending time with mama and just lazing around all day long. I ate a lot if I'm in Ipoh. I just cannot resist mom's good food :) I love food more than anything.

I love Chinese food. Assam Laksa, Char Siew Pau (nyum nyum), Steamed Chicken, Char Kueyteow, Prawn Mee, Oaster Ommelette, Chinese style seafood, owh too many to announce! Malay food such as Nasi Lemak, Nasi Dagang, Rendang, Nasi kerabu etc etc. Indian Food, Western food, oh! not forgotten Rosti with Bacon and cheese..Beef lasagna, big apple donuts, roasted chicken, ayam kicap, sambal udang, ayam penyet, DAMN IT! I love talking bout food when Im starving.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Out of Town

Cameron Highland resort

Conference Room

Strawberry Farm

'Boh" tea plantation

Flower Nursery

The Smoke House Hotel

Smoke house's Interior deco

Spooky Smoke House

Dinner at cameron Highland Resort. Mr.Parhan playing pool.

I just got back from the Management Retreat at Cameron Highland. I was there since last Sunday, helped the Corporate Communication Manager to organize and coordinate the event. This workshop is for Directors to sit together and discuss about the Company’s future. Everything was fantastic; I have the opportunity to mingle around with the Directors and their spouses, and have to make sure the event runs well.

I stayed at Cameron Highland Resort, for 2 days, and shifted to The Smoke House on the 3rd day. The food was okay and the service, I could say, tip top. Haha, The Smoke House was quite spooky; it’s an old cottage and the interior decoration makes me feel like home.

Meeting was okay, all the directors managed to cool down even though the ingredient of the agenda was brutal (Cold weather impacts their temper, I guess). As husbands busy with meeting, I organized a day trip for spouses and kids. We went to Strawberry Park, Tea Plantation and Flower Nursery. Yeah.. we had fun

The best part of the event,
Mr.*** gave me i-pod Nano 4GB as a complimentary gift for helping him. He gave it to me and Kak linda. When he handed the thing to kak lin, kak lin was so happy and automatically said "wow.i love you lah en.***!" and.. I dunno what to say so, I just said "love you en.***" (while smiling because i'm happy, and hope the tone is full of sense of humor) and suddenly situation changed which things became awkward, he just looked at the box without looking at my face. ahahhah! I am so regret, seriously! And I added "for the i-pod!". Damn it. And then he said "ooo, you girls only love me after you received the i-pod,huh". hahha.

It’s raining now and I’m back to the office.
Feel exhausted, but got lot of things on the tray to be done.
Oraits, talk to you later.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Magic Mush! Online Shopping

Check out my new online shopping blog at:

I will add lots of stuff soon.
I love beautiful outfit, but i dont like spending mountain of money on it. Because to me, fashion come and go very quickly. No need to spend on expensive stuff just to look fabulous.haha. The most important thing is, just be yourself!
Erm, okay..i need your feedback ya! Just drop me an email at or leave a comment at the blog. Thanks!

Happy Birthday to me.

Today, I'm growing 'younger'.
I don't mind about the number of age, it will continuously grows each year.
The way of thinking, is the only thing that matter the most.

I am still the same person, the same soul with the same attitude.

Ahha, tonight I want to treat Mr. Fukid and my sis a dinner. Owh..I'm craving for baked potato skin with bacon..
Last night was great. He gave me lots of surprises. Thanks a lot for the delicious Tony Romas Beef Ribs & yummy Cheese Cake. And, for the IBANEZ acoustic guitar! :) I loveeeee youuu.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Smash Sexism, Patriarchy

Last night was awesome.

Eventhough the show started quite late, it still worth it cos the crowd was greaaattt.

When it comes to our turn, it was nearly 12.30 am.

We decided to play our old song, 'Alrite' (a song to motivate people to always be an optimistic), and of course, followed by 'Ashes in The wind', 'Change' and the last song was Marjinal's(my very very very favourite band), 'Hukum Rimba'.-acoustic version of The Pips.Hehe. The crowd was very overwhelming, they even helped us to sing. Haha. Obviously, Haruka Hana was happy cos everybody sang along with her. :)..

Oh! I enjoyed other band as well such as, 'Always Last', 'Akta Angkasa', 'FRU', 'Fall to their Death', 'Lord Sunny Day'-(oh! i love their songs!), 'Alchemy of Sickness' & 'Sarjan Hassan'. Erm, 'FRU' was goooddd.
Ok, I am sucks in writing report. Whatever it is, I had so much fun :P

Last night I slept at 3am.

I woke up at 8am, this morning.

Now I'm at the office, working on Satuday..

Friday, August 8, 2008


DIY Femme Fest - Smash Sexism, Smash Patriarchy!
Hello Geng!
If you are free tonight, please come to Studio Shop in Wangsamaju for DIY Femme Fest. Supposedly we should have this gig at One Cafe, but under unreasonale circumstances, we have to change the venue, at Wangsamaju. Many friends said the space is quite small (plus hot) but it's okay, what really matter is... let's have rock n roll!
Oh yeah! The purpose of this Femme Fest is to warfare sexism and inequality among human being. It is also one of ways to provide a platform especially women to express their ideas through their music and arts. So, GIRLSSS out there..come on, let's cramp out the place tonight!
Uh, ok! Forget about the rock n roll for a sec. I love today's date. 8th August 2008. Eight Eight Eight.. Eight is my lucky number. I have eight pierce all over my body. I was born in August and I just love number Eight.. First thing I did early this morning is checking out my horoscope for today:-
Leo (Jul 23 - Aug 22)
The Bottom Line
You'll overreact at least once today. Your emotions are right beneath the surface.
In Detail
It's inevitable that you will overreact at least once today, because your emotions are right beneath the surface. There's a little chip on your shoulder and you are just waiting for someone to say the wrong thing so you can give them a piece of your mind. This is not a great way to make friends, so avoid large social situations now. Unless you can find a way to clear your mind and completely relax, your temper is going to be on a hair trigger -- and you can't trust it.
* Oh Damnnn. People, please be careful....

Monday, August 4, 2008

the band wasn't ok, but we had fun

Sis and Yo havin fun

I don’t feel like going at first.
But I’ve been persuaded with the free ticket and of course, free drinks.
Generally, the band was ok, but I don’t get the groove. Haha.
We left Mont Kiara about midnight, half deaf.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Sleepy head, empty stomach

Happy Friday everyone!
I’m starving now, waiting unwearyingly for 12.00pm. I need food for goodness sake.
Last night we had our dinner at Marche, since both of us were craving for the scrumptious cheese bacon Rostti and the flavorsome root beer. Yoyo joined us unexpectedly, since she was in Damansara last night.
Oh, It’s good to know that Yoyo finally got the job. She will start work next week, yay!

Anyway, I’m worried about him.
We’ve been through a lot since the past few days.
I hope everything will be ok soon.
I don’t want to talk much about it,
As I’ve said before:-

Everyone have their own judgment and faith in this world.

I respect other people’s judgment and faith, so I hope other people will do the same as well. We are just human, we do not have right to tell other people what they suppose to do. I respect his judgment and faith so; I don’t blame him for what had happened, because I know him better, it just him being himself.


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Petrol Shit


Yesterday we have to called off the jamming session.

So, we ended up esembled at food not Bomb official house somewhere in PJ.
They just shifted there last week, and after this all the FNB activities will be stationed there. No more cooking session at CM. Well, the house is quite big, it's an old single storey bungalow. The kitchen is big, and the best thing about the house is, there's a playground in front of the house. The community mostly comprises of old folks, so, it's quite comforting and quiet.

Anyways, the gigs on 6th July is off.
We were asked to cancel it.
It's all because the same old problem that they have created. Religion excuses, which they use as their weapon really bores me.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'm Not Happy


Harini betul-betul takde mood.
Sebab tersalah pakai baju. Baju ni bagi aura buruk kot.
Pastu semalam tak syampoo rambut.
Rambut jadi buruk, baju tak kena.
Cepatlah...nak balik rumah...

Monday, June 30, 2008

Hectic Weekend

Food not Bomb

Food not Bomb, Bau-bau cafe

Kallachi Restaurant, Penang

Oh, we travel with style!

Friday Night, 27.6.08
Lots of things to be reconciled at the office. Went back home late, and felt wasted on the road. Had a mouthwatering beef lasagna & vanilla tea for dinner at Strudels with my dear one.
After dinner that night, Yo and I (only both of us, my partner couldn't make it) went to Bangi for my sister's dance show and we got lost! It’s all because we missed one junction, at Jalan Istana, and ended up using different highway. And another mistake we made, we took Kajang exit, and ended up driving around Kajang town (which I'm not really familiar), and tried to figure out how to go to Bangi, by following all the signboards. Noen waited for us at Uniten, for almost an hour. I called Sue, a friend who studying at Uniten for direction, but still failed. Finally, we got out from Kajang town, using PLUS highway to KL, make a U-turn, and took Bangi exit. I called my sister for a help, and thanks to Yo for being a good co-pilot that night. We finally managed to stopped by at Uniten (to lead Noen’s way), and directly went to Petronas Training Centre in Bangi.

Erm, it was a dance competition, a lot of teams participated and the best part was, Harith Iskandar was the emcee for that night. Oh, we had so much fun.
We went back home around 12.00am, and I have to sleep early to save my energy for the next day.

Saturday, 28.6.08
On Saturday, I got up early in the morning. Had Fried Maggi and iced tea ‘o’ for breakfast at Annexe, CM with my partner. After breakfast, a friend told us that the van that we supposed to hop in was full, so, the two of us have to take bus to Penang. To me, our friend should have tells us earlier, so that we could book bus ticket 2-3 days earlier. Plus it was a school holidays. I dont think its easy to get bus ticket on that time.

We rushed to Puduraya, we checked every counter but no tickets available. It was 9.30am on that time, and suddenly one of the ‘ulat’ came to us and he was trying so hard to sell his RM40 bus ticket to Penang to us. My partner bought it anyway, and he told me that he has to, or otherwise, the two of us will be extra late to arrive Penang.

The ‘ulat’ guy said the bus will be departed at 10am at Platform 16, so, we’ve waited there and when it’s almost 10, one guy told us to walk, out of Pudu, and while walking we kept our fingers cross, hope to get a good-conditioned bus (an actual bus, not a school bus).

Luck was not on our side. It was a school bus with a red-shabby curtain, and we departed from Pudu really late, at 10.45am. To comfort myself, I told my partner that both of us should be thankful, even though it was a school bus, it still got air-cond. We slept as the bus began to heads off…

Several hours later, I woke up because I started to feel sizzling. It was so damn hot, my partner told me that the air-cond was not functioning. DAMN!

All the seats started to make noise, kind of annoying reverberation on the bumpy road. Despair, both of us kept chit chatting, tried to ignore the noise of the seats and the hot sauna ambience. I realized, it takes time to kill time.

At 3.30pm, we arrived at the Jetty, the weather was extremely HOT. Tom called us; he said they were already at the Jetty. We met them on the ferry, and they asked us to squeeze into the van. They kept laughing, when we told them about the bus. Yeah, it was quite funny experience, anyway. Even both of us burst into laughs.

The gig took place at wisma Oh Kongsi, about 5 minutes from the jetty. A lot of bands were playing that day. We had a lot of fun, tho. We had Nasi Kandar (superb Nasi Kandar) after the sound check.

Oh yeah. I met my beloved friend, Naz. She's actually one of my best friends when I was studying in Sarawak, few years ago. She's now married, got one lovely baby girl, named Nia. They just moved back to Malaysia after spent 2 years in the United States. Naz and her husband fetched me and we had chendol, a nice chit chat and after that, they sent me back to Wisma Oh Kongsi. When I arrived Wisma oh Kongsi, C.Dung was about to start. Lucky I dont miss their show.

Oh yeah. I love the Aussie band, CRUX. Their music was good. After the gig, we hang out and later, we went to the Indian Food Stall for vege-meal. Fendi, my partner and I had Tandoori Chicken for our dinner. Simply delicious!

At 11pm, we headed back to KL. All of us squeezed into Manan's Estima (8 of us plus guitars and other music equipment). It was really tiring, we've got not enough space and we have to take turn to sleep. Fendi made everyone laugh when he translates every songs' title and bands name to Malay (direct translation, it was really funny. Modern Talking to Percakapan Moden?). We arrived KL at 3.00am. Exhausted, but really amuzing.

Sunday, 29th June 2008
Woke up at 12pm.

Exhausted, but I have to since my tummy asked me to do so.
Had Nasi Lemak Ayam for brunch at Uptown, and went to Cat Whiskers for some clothes.
At 4pm, I went to central market to help ‘Food not Bomb’ team. Thilaga asked me to cook vege-curry, Hana prepared her ‘ulam’ salad, and also, they fried some mixed vegetables to serve the homeless folks.

It was a bit hectic because we were run out of cooking gas. We bought a new one but it was too late. The curry was not done yet, so they just served the fried mix vege & hana’s salad with rice.
At 8.00 I had my dinner at Ampang with my sister and friend.
Slept at 11.30pm,tired, but happy.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Seven Samurai and Ton of Food

My lip hurts! I can’t laugh, I can barely talk, and it feels like burning. Nothing to do with any domestic violence. No one bit my lips and no food allergy involved.
It happened 3 days ago, when I started to feel itchy on my lips, and I am sure it's because of the lip gloss that I have applied on, before I went to work which I haven’t used it for quite a long time. At the office, I keep scratching the whole day, and when I arrived home, I discovered one tiny rounded shape watery inside thingy planted on my lips. At first, I don’t care about that doodad, but after it explodes on the next day, my lips turned to be horror, so I started to freak out. All I wanted to do now is, go to the pharmacy and get whatever cream that the consultant recommends, so that this stupid ‘doodad’ goes away soonest possible.

Huh! Last night we went to carefour to buy dinner. We were starving and atrted to be greedy. So, we bought 1 pack of macaroni and cheese, half bird of roasted chicken, a handful of potato wages, nasi lemak for himself, a cup of hot mushroom soup and a tall stick of garlic bread. At home, while enjoying our dinner, we watched DVD “Seven Samurai”. It was actually a Japanese movie based on a true story back in early 40s. The story was about the unfortunate farmers that need to find way to stop a gang of bandits from embezzling their rice. On that time, rice is very important, and it is more valuable than money.Can you imagine, they even trade flour, wheat and sake for a bowl of rice. Samurai is the warrior that usually hired by the villagers to fight the bandits from taking over their village. If the samurai wins the battle, villagers will give him some percentage of the food production, land and money.

The story begins when 3 of the villagers ran from their village to the nearest town, to look for samurai that can fight for them with a good bargain. To make it short, they found a guy that willing to fight for them for free, but under one condition. He needs 7 samurai, including him to fight the bandits. The guy’s face is similar to my partner’s boss and we laughed when one of the samurai, really looks like Khir Toyo (our former Selangor MB). Haha. Good movie. You should watch it.

Oh yeah. Im going to Penang tomorrow for Dalca Fest. Yeahh. I cant wait for that :) Anyways, I'll update later!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I don't know why I should have this blog.

I am quite busy at the office recently. Some data survey to be done, and a lot of deadlines to keep in track. The purpose of this data survey is actually to upgrade Company's 'Compensation & Benefits' and to set benchmark with the Big Boys in the Industry. It's quite tiring to liaise with the HR departments from other subsidiaries to gather all the information.

OK. Forget about work for a jiffy,

Huh. Can't wait for 5.30pm. Can't wait to meet Yo and Noen tonite. Can't wait to have a good dinner (probably we'll gonna have Indian food on banana leaf,) and a good chat with the girls.

My sister is working in Bangkok now until this Friday. I'm not goin home tonight, gonna crash my friend's place, perhaps. Oraits, gotta go! Chioww.