Tuesday, February 23, 2010

jimi hendrix on tuesday morning

Emotional breakdown sucks.

At some certain point, throwing things on the floor and yelling are the best solution. Especially when the brain fails to function like normal people do. When emotions take over all the brain cells, anger controls the mind. Fuck normal people. Who cares if a person wants to react insane once in a while?


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

hot hot heat!

I went back to Momma's place on Chinese New Year..a friend of mine, J wanted to carpool but the car was full.Kesian kena tinggal..Massive traffic jam, stucked at the highway for 4 hours.

At Momma's I just stayed at home, eat and sleep. That's the true meaning of holidays, anyway.. Cooked delish food, eat and watched tv till I fell asleep. The routine kept on going..

On Monday, we went to Cameron Highland early in the morning (Momma was the one who gave suggestion to go there). Had tea and sandwich for breakfast at Boh Tea Plantation. It was not so cold on that time eventhough it was still early in the morning. I remember when I was little, that place used to be very cold. Cakap boleh keluar asap..but not now anymore.. The world is getting hotter now...so sad its happening.