Friday, August 14, 2009

Getting younger today!

Additional one year to myself. But who cares, age is just a number.

Last night he treats me dinner at Fatty Crab, The Mines. The food was quite OK, we ordered Chinese fried rice, black pepper clams, stir fried baby kailan and vege+crab meat tofu (rating: average). Not to forget, we also ordered their famous 'carte du jour' sweet & sour pepper sauce crab (rating: marvelous). The aftermath: bloated stomach.

Our tradition is simple, we usually celebrate birthday one day earlier, dine together (of course birthday dinner is differ from the usual one, at special place generally) and eat until both swell up. After that we will have a nice drink, talk about life until midnight.

There are still a lot of mission for me to accomplish. I have to work hard to get what I want in life, for sure. No such thing as spoon feeding. No way. Momma always teaches me to stand up on my own whenever I fall. Dad always teaches me to work hard, find a good job so that I could afford to buy anything I want on my own. No such thing as financial aid from Mom and Dad. They teach me how to be strong, to stand on my own feet. I feel grateful for whom I am and I appreciate every little thing that happened to me whether it is bad or nice. I love the way I live my average life, how it assembled and build my thinking.

I am thankful to have such a great life partner, understanding mom, cool siblings, rock and roll friends (I love all of you!) and friendly bosses. But of course still a lot of things for me to achieve.

Long way to go, Ekinibi! Cheers..
p/s: owh, before this he usually gave me boyish bday stuff such as guitar, watch, the beatles books etc, but this year its quite different, he gave me crumpler cute handbag. So cute because he never buy me girlish stuff! hehe..anyway, thanks dear.i love it :) i don't care about bday present anyway,as long as i celebrate it with u.