Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It is very difficult to please everyone in the family.

Monday, September 7, 2009

just for fun

1. I can make big decision very fast without thinking too much about the consequences.

2. I don’t like my own name because it is too long.

3. I’ve been working for 3 1/2 years now and I’ve spent most of my salary on travelling and clothes.

4. I love my current job, boss and working environment.

5. I wish I am tall! But I know it is never going to happen!

6. When I was 5, I had an experience biting off my childhood friend’s ear because he is spoil. He took my toys and never say thank you. He was my neighbor and his mom calls him ‘Junior’. My mom scared to death when Junior’s ear bleeds and lied to Junior’s mom that her son fell off from bicycle.

7. Sometimes I can be very annoying, hot temper and too emotional. I hate myself for that. People, please blame the hormones.

8. Obsession towards swimming now. Wish to take scuba diving license by end of this year.

9. I learned to play guitar when I was 14. I learn the chords by myself and try all of the songs in the book but turns out to be different from the actual songs. I thought the book’s author is wrong and start to save money for other book. Same things happened. I was mad and decided to bring my guitar to the music store and told the guy what happened. He took my guitar and said “lerr, gitar ni dah lari tune dik. Nanti abg tolong tune kan”..oh! malunyaaa..

10. I hate shopping mall especially when I’m broke

11. I had 5 ear rings on my ears and had my belly button pierced when I was 17

12. I have to show my IC whenever I want to enter a club.

13. I hate flying cockroaches!

14. I enjoy food.

15. I came from a broken family but I have a good relationship (and very close) with siblings, mom and dad

16. I was a Mid-fielder in a soccer team when I was 15, but I’m not that good, haha.

17. I love Johnny Depp

18. When I was in Kindergarten I offered a boy sitting next to me sausages I brought from home and he threw it up. I was confused until teacher said he don’t eat beef. He’s an Indian.

19. People always say I am skinny. But I really don’t care.

20. I love pedicure.

21. I wash my hair everyday.

22. I hate people who loves to compare.

23. I like women in short hair.

24. I would listen to CD rather than any radio station while driving cause I hate the lame jokes and advertisements on every 5 minutes.

25. I would love to be a lecturer when I reach 30, but I'm not sure when I should start further studies