Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pendidikan Gratis for all

It's been almost a month I haven't update this crap. I've promised to myself once, if I have free time, I will write. I just write for myself, and I'm 100% believe that no one will read this blog except me.haha.

Yesterday I browsed MEF (Malaysian Employer Federation) website and something interesting caught my eyes. They offered a one year course of Industrial Relation and I believe I need to attend that. In my University days and until now I'm officially sucks in Labour Law. I have called the person in charge, and she said I'm late. The class has been started since last month for module 1, but according to that person in charge, it's never too late for me to participate the second module starting February '09. The class will be conducted every Sunday from 9am-5pm. Whew. Can you imagine? Every Sunday, 9am-5pm for one whole year? Ehem.. I think I'm willing (or I have to?) to sacrifice my Sunday for that :)

I think I can deal with study on every Sunday but the only problem that I need to re-consider is, I need $$$$$.$$ for the fee. Hmmm...I don't want to ask ma and dad for that..I'm thinking about taking personal loan and I will pay it every month. Still need to mull over about that. I don't know which bank offers lowest interest and I need time to find out about it. The deadline for the registration is on this comin December (end of December), which is...4 weeks to go.
Sorry for complaining too much. I'll figure out a way. Damn*

Oo yea. Forgot to tell you my beloved e-diary, The Pips have found good drummer. Last night we had jamming session with our new drummer, and he's good. Anyway, he is the old tele-friend of mine (long story). We never try our songs with drum beat before, and at first, personally I found that our songs sound weird with drum beat. But after one hour and a half, I think it's okay.

Ahhh apa apa je lah.
OK, i need to sambung kerja :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

move! move! move!

I always believe that things happen for a reason.

Even though it is painful to swallow, you have to move forward. Don’t look back, just move forward…until you reach two consequences; fail or success.

If you meet success, you are considered lucky. But if you don’t, just remember that things happen for a reason. Take it as your life experience, and you will be the happier person on earth.

Human tend to make mistake. But all we need to do is just move forward. Don’t look back. Remember? Don’t look back. Never regret in whatever you do, because things happen for a reason. Mistake is the only way for revolution. If people don’t make mistake, there would be no revolution. Things would become dormant without revolution. By making mistake, people will learn their lesson. People will realize what is valuable to his/her life. Bare in mind, do not repeat the same mistake, be better and appreciate what you have in hands.

Forgiveness is one of the greatest things in life.

If someone hurts you, just open your heart to forgive. Human tends to make mistake. Just move forward...until you reach two consequences; fail or success. If you believe in your heart that you will success, it might be a success. BUT remember, it must come along with effort, to make it comes true.

It is a life-long process.

Life is a try and error. Life is like gambling. Life is like a plain white canvas, it depends on how you paint it.