Saturday, September 27, 2008

Let me out of here

I hate festive season for god's sake.
I have to sacrifice my annual leave for a long holidays, which otherwise I can use it for other getaway or for backpacking. I have to sacrifice my annual leave for family gathering, where people talk and brag about their life achievements, wear the best clothes on and being nosy about other people. FUCK all that.

Sometimes I just dont get it, why people willing to torture themselves, spend lots of money for festival until at the end of the day, they dont have enough for themselves?
People spending extra money for the 'ang pau' and for the preparations, give food to other people that who dont even care about them, even worst to people who talk bad behind them. I jus dont get it.

Whatever it is, its up to you how you gonna spend your money to, but always bare in mind, being mediocre in life is a bliss.

I just dont like festive season. I hate it.
Me and mom meet each other almost everyweek, so I dont see any relevant why should I celebrate this festival and even worst make it into something that really special? To me I can always do it on usual days. And yes, I did it most of the time.

I want to run out of this norm of life. Settle down somewhere else.
Out from this comfort zone AGAIN.
If everything is just FINE, if life is sooo good, if you do not have to think about anything because everything has been prepared, if your daily life becomes a routine, please bare in mind, there's something wrong with it. It means that you are in your comfort zone. Sooner or later you will realized that everything is just stagnant. Life is just futile.If you are unlucky you will be in your comfort zone forever.If you think that your comfort zone is the best place to be, then it's your choice. Your life, you decide.

Long time ago I choose to stay in Sarawak on my own just because I need to go out from my comfort zone. 3 years in Sarawak, life became so comfortable.
So I came back to KL and the same thing happened.
Everything is just so comfortable so I decided to stay in the beautiful Island. Things became usual plus hell so I came back here again.

Now my head starts to think about getting away AGAIN!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i wish...

lamak kamek sik up-date blog.
kamek di ofice kinektok.kamek rindu zaman belajar di Kuching.
3 tahun aku belajar sia. maok ngabas nemiak di kuching. Aku quite gago recently. Mun sik da apa-apa, kamek maok ngabas Kuching October tok,

ooo damnnn..i'm so sucks in Sarawak Language. I've made Sarawak Language ugly. Sorry for that!

Anyways, I miss Sarawak. I miss my 3 years studying at the place like no other, the Borneo Island.
I browsed Gadjah Mada University website yesterday. Been thinking to take second degree in human psychology in Yogyakarta, perhaps? I always wanted to take second degree and I love Yogya a lot. But I dont think now is the best time to leave.. Maybe later. Yeah later.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Things I MUST do before I turn 30

Things I MUST do:-

ii) Gain experience in Human Resources
iii) Learn acoustic guitar to the highest level ;p
iv) Scuba Diving License
v) Euro Trip
vi) Earn more money from the Online Boutique, hehe
vii) Do master in HR, and be a lecturer.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Help me I'm starving!!

Last weekend was great. I went back to Ipoh for 4 days, and I'm so glad that I manage to met up with Ikh, Katik and Sue. It's been a very long time I haven't meet them, except for Katik, which I last met her on July.

It was awesome spending time with mama and just lazing around all day long. I ate a lot if I'm in Ipoh. I just cannot resist mom's good food :) I love food more than anything.

I love Chinese food. Assam Laksa, Char Siew Pau (nyum nyum), Steamed Chicken, Char Kueyteow, Prawn Mee, Oaster Ommelette, Chinese style seafood, owh too many to announce! Malay food such as Nasi Lemak, Nasi Dagang, Rendang, Nasi kerabu etc etc. Indian Food, Western food, oh! not forgotten Rosti with Bacon and cheese..Beef lasagna, big apple donuts, roasted chicken, ayam kicap, sambal udang, ayam penyet, DAMN IT! I love talking bout food when Im starving.