Thursday, March 19, 2009

short hair is HOT!

I can't stop myself from staring at gorgeous girls with short hair. To me, with short hair cut, it portrays that women are brave, bold, independent and not to forget, sexy.
I love Winona Ryder, Keira Knightly, Naima, Natalie Portman because they are freakin' hot with short hair.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


What the heck..
It's been raining but I have to wake up to go to work..
I wish I could just sleep until the afternoon, take a nice lunch and go back to sleep again...
Wake up for dinner and sleep until tomorrow morning.
Nice, eh?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dealing with bad service!

Last week was hectic, I had to attend a one week training program at Petaling Jaya. The training was good, it covers everything I need and the trainers were great. *ok enough about work*

Anyway, I have to admit that service quality in Malaysia is like sh*t.
Last two days, I took a half day leave because I need to send my car for service. I have called the service centre for an appointment a day before. They put me at 1.30pm schedule. I arrived there at 1pm. I gave them my car key, and after a brief explanation about what they want to do with my car, I was asked to wait at the waiting area. While waiting, I watched TV, I fall asleep, I woke up, I read almost all of the magazines but it still not done. It was 3.30pm on that time, so I decided to ask the 'customer service' lady when can I get my car back, she said it's still on que. I questioned her what is the purpose to have an appointment if I have to wait that long in a very 'good' manner, maybe a bit sarcastic, (and tried so hard not to loose my temper), but she just kept quiet. I went back to the waiting area, keep myself calm and I got my car at 5.30pm that day.. [ what a bad day! :( ]

Not only that. Yesterday, I face the same problem at the bank. There were six counters there, but only ONE was open. It was so terrible!

Last month (on February) I went to the Post Office to renew my driver's license, there were 7 or 8 counters but only TWO opened. Lotsa people were waiting, so I threw the waiting number away and went back home. (p/s: I have not renew my driving license until now, it's been a month i guess). But I just don't care!!