Friday, October 30, 2009

The Pips- Tug of War

The Pips CD is finally out for sale, starting next week :)
8 songs in it, mellow pop folk with a bit of blues and jazz.
If you are interested, just gimme a buzz at or
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Owh, tomorrow (Saturday 31st Oct 2009) we'll be in Ipoh for "The Love of Beauty" gig at Maiya Studio. Hope to meet you there!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

matrimony is just a tradition

No, this entry is not to announce that I'm going to get married.

Last few days, I had a conversation with my sister about marriage while we were having our dinner at kg.baru. It started when we saw a married couple, next to our table was eating without talk to each other or even look at each other faces! Their kids were there too, but there was no interaction between the husband and wife.

My sister: hey, do u think, every married couple will turn to be like that?

Me: hmmm, it depends on the individual, I guess.. (how would I know!)

Lots of times I came across couple reacted cold towards each other after marriage. It scares me a lot but to me, the feat of marriage depends on the individual. I've witnessed too much negative cases such as husband walk quickly and left his wife and kids behind at shopping mall, husband start to flirt with other woman, no romantic acts etc etc.. I think only 20% of married couples still walk hand in hand when they go out together. There are also cases, whereby wives dont really care about their appreances, they only care about children and start to neglect their husband after marriage. Hmmm..

As a child to a divorcee parent, I could conclude marriage is like gambling. No one knows whats gonna happen after you get married. Will your partner still be the same person as you know him/her on your first date or will he/she turns to be somebody else which you regret marrying with?

To me, both party should take action to make marriage a success. If you are not ready, please don't force yourself into it. Just ignore what your auntie, mom, cousins, who ever it is gonna say. It's your personal life, only yourself can decide. Marriage is just a tradition. People do it just to announce to their family & relatives that they are officially an item. That's it.

My sister said she don't really care about marriage because she got everything she wants. I dont think there's human being wants to grow old alone. Hmm, I don want to grow old alone either. I want to be with someone who can takecare of me, lovey dovey, someone I can talk to before I go to sleep, someone who can cook (oops, am I too demanding?) and spend the rest of my life happily with.

Hmmm, my eyes getting worst recently. Lasik surgery will be under my consideration now. Contact lense is a waste of time. Spectacle is not that comfy.

Finally it's confirmed. Yess, I'm going for a vacation next month! A week after Buzzcock playing in KL. Yess, double yesss.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

i hate maxis!

i'm at maxis centre klcc right now. Yeah!this is my first attempt,write a fcuking blog using my phone..damn,i feel like no life talking to myself a.k.a blogging in a middle of this stupid maxis centre...anyway,i accompany my sister to collect her i-phone. It supposed to be her birthday present which is on last august,but because of malaysians are so into i-phone,she has to wait for the new stock to arrive. So,today is the day. We waited for our turn since 10.30am. Now it's already 1.30pm. God damn it..i'm starrving!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Don't read!


It’s been a very long time I haven’t update this shite. Work at the office become routine and few weeks ago I have been shocked by new s from my Head, saying that she will leaving this Company soon. I will be boss-less anytime soon and to me it seems quite scary because the top management will keep chasing my butt until they get someone to replace the Head HR.

Fasting month was very tough for me. I know it may sound unpleasant, or it might hurt others’ feeling but to share the truth, I just don’t practice fasting. Nothing against and nothing makes me into it. I respect every human being in this world regardless their religion, race and believe. I really hope people in this world would never judge others by how they live their life. Regardless if they are drunkard, not wearing hijjab, not straight, non-practice muslim or what-so-ever, just let them be. You need to respect their choice and I would consider that as personal. For instance, last few months I’ve came across blogs that condemn other religion and the non-practice muslims, which to me is so childish. Just mind your own business, folks. You will never go to heaven if you talk bad about these so-called ‘bad people’. Stop judging others because you are NOT a God, who can decide who will go to heaven and who will go to hell.

Anyway, Raya was a bit dull, but food and friends never bore me. Who can resist good food and good friends during Raya? Nobody can, especially me. To me, Raya is just another jamboree for family and friends to get together once a year.
Last Saturday, I went to Annexe for Freedom Film Fest 2009. It was quite interesting to watch all the documentaries that mostly done by the youngsters. It was my first time, anyway. I came because a friend of mine asked me to come since one of the documentaries use The Pips song as the background music. It was such a great evening to meet old friends and new friends. We went to Jalan Alor after the event and Mar sleep at my house that night.

Another update,

The Pips will play at a small acoustic gig on this 12th October 2009 together with Steve Towson, Meor, The Garrison, Rahmat Haron (and many more!). Venue would be at Food not Bomb house, in PJ. On 31st October 2009, Pips will be in Ipoh, to be precise at Maiya Studio Ipoh for another small gig. Hope you could make it!

My partner and I were thinking to go to Siem Reap next month, but because of some circumstances, we have to postpone it. He said he needs to think about it first. I was quite shocked after he told me what happened at his work place today. I wish the best for him.