Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Last week I sold my shares..
This week, you can call me orang kaya baru...hihi..but only for a while, ok.
I need retail therapy!
Since my birthday is in August, I would love to pamper myself.
I need new wristwatch, new handphone and loads of new clothes for myself.
I want to buy simple gift for my momma.
Oh yeah, simple gift for my other half.
I should save the rest of the amount for rainy days!
Hmmm..can't wait for November..I want to buy more shares from my Company..hehe.
Hell yeah, im addicted now! :))


A roadtrip surrounded by great people will never turns out to be boring.

Last Friday night, all of us slept at Suria's place. On Saturday, we woke up pretty early in the morning (6am), drove a car (thanks to bart & chacha's mom for direction), and reached Cherating at 10.30am. Since all of us did not make any room reservation, we have to stopped by every chalet to ask for room availability. We were quite lucky because there was only one room left at the Coconut Inn chalet that day. So without thinking any longer, we just agreed to check in. The room was quite comfortable and very basic. The price was affordable, only RM50/night. I love the place because of its simplicity, very near to nature and very practical. We just have to walk 1 minute to the beach, it just nearby the makan place plus the owner was very friendly (p/s: anak owner sgt handsome, tapi masih di bawah umur).
After we checked in, we changed our clothes and went to the beach. The beach was okay, but I'm quite pissed off when I saw plastic bags and diapers thrown by some irresponsible bastards. I don't understand what's wrong with these people, anyway.
Later that evening, after we lazing around the beach we make our move to Kuala Kemaman. Our mission was to find Mak Nek's stall (a very famous place since a friend of mine were still 10 years old) and tried some of their famous food. Lucky we found that place after we lost for several minutes. Curry mee, mee soup, porridge, keropok lekor, otak2, you name it, we whacked all. The food was totally awesome.

With bloated stomach we headed back to our cute room for a nap and quick shower.
At night we spent our time hanging out at a small bar called Little Bali. The food was okay (we only had drinks and snacks since all of us was still full). There were local boys swimming and surf boarding (pulled by boat) at the river.
(p/s: can't help ourselves staring at the boys' six pack belly but once again, some of them are underage!too bad)
Kampung boys are adventurous compared to urban kids. I love seeing them swimming in a river late at night, fishing etc, compared to urban kids, most of them only know how to play Play Station at home..or maybe the most adventurous thing urban kids did is sneaked out and go clubbing?haha what a boring life!
Hmm, there were also live bands and birthday celebration for the bar owner that night.
We went back to our room late at night, have a chat at our room's veranda and fall asleep.
The next day, after we had breakfast we went to the beach again.
Lazing around and mandi laut until the afternoon.
Balik bilik and mandi nude ramai2 kat shower.

We checked out late that day.
Before we headed back to KL, we stopped at Temerloh for a nice lunch. I have to admit that ikan patin gulai tempoyak was totally scrumptious!
We reached KL at 6pm.
I only spent rm100 for the whole trip! What a great weekend... Maybe we should plan for other roadtrip next time.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Last few days we celebrated Nunu’s birthday.
Anyway, Nunu is one of my closest girlfriends. She is very independent and talented.
She wrote beautiful lyrics and she’s damn good in making a home made soy drinks!
May God bless you Nunu, Love ya!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Finally I cut my hair short!
This time, really short.
Last Sunday I went to SAW at KLCC and met Elle, the hairstylist.
I've made an appointment with Elle earlier and when I arrived SAW, I saw him at the counter, I smiled and said "I want short hair". He smiled and said "yeah, your face is suitable with short hair..Ok, be prepared. It's time for you to say goodbye to your hair now,"

Anyway, it's been almost a week since I had short hair.
I'm loving it, I save a lot of shampoo and time!
It makes me feel alive. Thanks Elle!

When I came to the office on last Monday, one of my colleague came to me and said "hey, what happened to you on weekend?"
i said "nothing happened, why?"
he said "are you stress or your boyfriend ran away?"
i said " haha, why you say that?"
he said "of course la, women only cut their hair short either when they are stress/depress or bf ran away!"
i said "what the hell...haha,nope, im just bored with my long hair!that's it"

It's quite funny when a guy say like that.

Hmm..our plan for Cherating trip is still on. Im glad because its been 2 years now since Suria, Chacha, Yoyo and I went for vacation together. How time flies!
Weehee, can hardly wait for another all-girls vacation! oops, sorry, im quite gender-bias here.hehe

Monday, July 13, 2009

surga dan neraka?

Apakah kita semua benar-benar tulus
Menyembah pada-Nya
Atau mungkin kita hanya
Takut pada neraka dan inginkan syurga.
Jika syurga dan neraka tak pernah ada
Masihkah kau bersujud kepada-Nya?