Thursday, December 17, 2009


Not sure whether to cut it or leave it and keep it longer.
I mean my hair.
I look like The Beatles band member now..
I would like to try pixie cut, but I'm afraid it might not suits me well..Afraid if it might makes me look skinnier..whatever..a friend of mine told me once, a haircut will not makes you look fatter/skinnier..and I guess she is right.
Since tomorrow is a public holiday, I was thinking to go to SAW and meet Agnes..

hmmmm pixie cut or get a hair trim and leave it to grow...hmmm

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

can't wait!

Was browsing ikea 2010 catalogue this morning.
Can't wait to buy my own condo now!

yea riteee..

Monday, December 14, 2009


I feel grateful.
For the promotion and increment last month.
And this month I received christmas (just now to be exact,) angpow from my boss plus my shares will be credited into my CDS account tomorrow morning.

It's time to reward myself again.

Friday, December 11, 2009

i dont mean to be harsh, im just tryin to be sincere..

Hey you,

Come on; please stop acting like an idiotic. Don’t you realize that you will get married soon? If you want to sleep with someone else or flirt around before you are officially a husband to someone, please find other woman, moron. I’m not interested for that.

First, if you are fascinated to fuck around, just be sincere. Please let your fiancé knows that you are not yet ready for marriage or any commitment. I bet she would understand.

Second, learn to appreciate the existence of your fiancĂ©. As far as I know, she is appealing. She has everything. To be honest, I am quite curious why she falls for you. My tips, if you still love her, be faithful. If you don't, just let her go. Feeling guilty is not recommended cos you are “cool”. "Cool" guy would not feel guilty.

Last but not least, your egoistic sucks, for god’s sake. You think you are superior. Hmm.. my advice; please look at yourself in a mirror, you'll be surprised cos you will find yourself completely nothing.. yup, you are nothing.

Monday, December 7, 2009


O Lord,
Please give me strength,
I need strength to say 'no' to my little friends..
Yes, I guess it's time for me to say goodbye to my little friends..

I will miss you badly, my little friends..
But I have to, cos I'm tired to wake up in a middle of the night, coughing.
I have to consider my liver and teeth too,
My heart and my lips.

It's been 4 and a half years i placed you in my handbag,
I even bought a cute box to put you inside,
So that other things won't hurt you.

I have to say goodbye to you cos you are expensive,
I might have use that money to buy something else..

I will try my best to leave you behind,
Sorry my little friends..
I have to declare that we are now in a love-hate relationship..

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Siem Reap, Cambodia

On our way to Tonle Sap Lake. A kid was waving at us.
Floating Village

Sunset at Bakheng Mountain
Angkor Wat back view
Angkor Thom Bayon
Elephant Terrace
La Phrom
Happy Guest house, front view
Yellow Fried Noodle
Thy, at his favourite beef noodle soup shop
cambodian pancake with kuchai

Angkor night market
The old market
Pub Street

Siem Reap was totally remarkable. From Kuala Lumpur, it took 2 hours and a half to arrive Cambodia. The first thing I saw when I was on the plane, several minutes before landing was Tonle Sap Lake. It was totally huge. REALLY HUGE.

At the airport, a guy called Thy waited for us. He’s a tuk tuk driver from the backpackers lounge we were about to stay. He speaks really good English; at one glance he looks like tan Jamie Oliver, sincere and pleasant.
We stayed at Happy guest House (backpackers lounge) only for USD3 per person /night. The place was so clean and the people were welcoming. The food was okay, a plate of fried rice cost around USD 1, cheese omelet cost around USD 1.60. Basically, the food price at happy guest House will not cost you more than USD3.

Tonle Sap Lake really amazed me. We hired a tuk tuk to drive us out of town towards the river and took 2 hours boat ride (cost: USD20 per person) to Tonle Sap lake, which joins the river in shrinking and expanding dramatically with the seasons, thereby causing villagers to move their floating houses to different points.
In the evening we climbed Bakheng Mountain to watch the sunset. It was truly amazing.

On the next morning, we went to the amazing Angkor temple. It cost USD20 per person for one day pass. The place was enormous. I stumbled in front of Angkor Wat, I just can’t imagine how people can build such a powerful Angkor empire with a great architecture in a middle of a jungle. We spent almost one day for temple hopping (Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Elephant Terrace, Pre Rup, La Phrom ). At Angkor temple, I saw a lot of Cambodians speak Japanese, Germany and French glibly to communicate with the tourist. The sad part was, Cambodian Government sold the place to the multi national Vietnam Company. WTF right. I mean, Angkor temples are one of the reasons why people want to come to Cambodia, and the corrupted politicians sold it, to fatten the coffers of their breeds. What a selfish asshole!

The other 2 days, we just spent our time by cycling around the town. The town is modest, which you can find a lot of Old French Quarter, with a bit of Chinese inspired architecture. Most of the people look a bit like Malays, with dark skin. Unlike Vietnam, most of Cambodians are very fluent in English. I love the food, especially beef noodle soup at the stall. We’ve spent only USD4 for 3 big bowls of the delish beef noodle soup, lots of ‘char koay’ and jasmine tea for 3. We also went to Angkor Night market, old market, road side stalls and the Pub Street. During happy hour (3pm-6pm), a draught cost around USD50 cent a mug. Damn cheap.

I would love to go to Cambodia again.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Im addicted

Every time I’m stuck in a traffic jam, I will think about something that really turns me on. It is something that really satisfies me every time I get annoyed. It is really good, it makes me sweat and my heart will beat like mad. All of the negative feelings will be flushed away, just like that. Don’t get me wrong here; I’m not talking about sex or orgasm.

I’m talking about being at the mosh pit at the gig. Pushing each other, jumping, kalau nasib baik sikit, kepala akan di tendang secara tak sengaja oleh orang moshing, mungkin akan terjatuh kalau lantai licin dan tak pakai kasut jack pussel (klau nasib baik sikit mungkin akan dipijak atau terpijak oleh kawan sebelah),, brutal and aggressive music.

Sigh…I need it now!

p/s: se-dos dua of sarjan hassan would be awesome..

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Pips- Tug of War

The Pips CD is finally out for sale, starting next week :)
8 songs in it, mellow pop folk with a bit of blues and jazz.
If you are interested, just gimme a buzz at or
You can also stalk us at

Owh, tomorrow (Saturday 31st Oct 2009) we'll be in Ipoh for "The Love of Beauty" gig at Maiya Studio. Hope to meet you there!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

matrimony is just a tradition

No, this entry is not to announce that I'm going to get married.

Last few days, I had a conversation with my sister about marriage while we were having our dinner at kg.baru. It started when we saw a married couple, next to our table was eating without talk to each other or even look at each other faces! Their kids were there too, but there was no interaction between the husband and wife.

My sister: hey, do u think, every married couple will turn to be like that?

Me: hmmm, it depends on the individual, I guess.. (how would I know!)

Lots of times I came across couple reacted cold towards each other after marriage. It scares me a lot but to me, the feat of marriage depends on the individual. I've witnessed too much negative cases such as husband walk quickly and left his wife and kids behind at shopping mall, husband start to flirt with other woman, no romantic acts etc etc.. I think only 20% of married couples still walk hand in hand when they go out together. There are also cases, whereby wives dont really care about their appreances, they only care about children and start to neglect their husband after marriage. Hmmm..

As a child to a divorcee parent, I could conclude marriage is like gambling. No one knows whats gonna happen after you get married. Will your partner still be the same person as you know him/her on your first date or will he/she turns to be somebody else which you regret marrying with?

To me, both party should take action to make marriage a success. If you are not ready, please don't force yourself into it. Just ignore what your auntie, mom, cousins, who ever it is gonna say. It's your personal life, only yourself can decide. Marriage is just a tradition. People do it just to announce to their family & relatives that they are officially an item. That's it.

My sister said she don't really care about marriage because she got everything she wants. I dont think there's human being wants to grow old alone. Hmm, I don want to grow old alone either. I want to be with someone who can takecare of me, lovey dovey, someone I can talk to before I go to sleep, someone who can cook (oops, am I too demanding?) and spend the rest of my life happily with.

Hmmm, my eyes getting worst recently. Lasik surgery will be under my consideration now. Contact lense is a waste of time. Spectacle is not that comfy.

Finally it's confirmed. Yess, I'm going for a vacation next month! A week after Buzzcock playing in KL. Yess, double yesss.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

i hate maxis!

i'm at maxis centre klcc right now. Yeah!this is my first attempt,write a fcuking blog using my phone..damn,i feel like no life talking to myself a.k.a blogging in a middle of this stupid maxis centre...anyway,i accompany my sister to collect her i-phone. It supposed to be her birthday present which is on last august,but because of malaysians are so into i-phone,she has to wait for the new stock to arrive. So,today is the day. We waited for our turn since 10.30am. Now it's already 1.30pm. God damn it..i'm starrving!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Don't read!


It’s been a very long time I haven’t update this shite. Work at the office become routine and few weeks ago I have been shocked by new s from my Head, saying that she will leaving this Company soon. I will be boss-less anytime soon and to me it seems quite scary because the top management will keep chasing my butt until they get someone to replace the Head HR.

Fasting month was very tough for me. I know it may sound unpleasant, or it might hurt others’ feeling but to share the truth, I just don’t practice fasting. Nothing against and nothing makes me into it. I respect every human being in this world regardless their religion, race and believe. I really hope people in this world would never judge others by how they live their life. Regardless if they are drunkard, not wearing hijjab, not straight, non-practice muslim or what-so-ever, just let them be. You need to respect their choice and I would consider that as personal. For instance, last few months I’ve came across blogs that condemn other religion and the non-practice muslims, which to me is so childish. Just mind your own business, folks. You will never go to heaven if you talk bad about these so-called ‘bad people’. Stop judging others because you are NOT a God, who can decide who will go to heaven and who will go to hell.

Anyway, Raya was a bit dull, but food and friends never bore me. Who can resist good food and good friends during Raya? Nobody can, especially me. To me, Raya is just another jamboree for family and friends to get together once a year.
Last Saturday, I went to Annexe for Freedom Film Fest 2009. It was quite interesting to watch all the documentaries that mostly done by the youngsters. It was my first time, anyway. I came because a friend of mine asked me to come since one of the documentaries use The Pips song as the background music. It was such a great evening to meet old friends and new friends. We went to Jalan Alor after the event and Mar sleep at my house that night.

Another update,

The Pips will play at a small acoustic gig on this 12th October 2009 together with Steve Towson, Meor, The Garrison, Rahmat Haron (and many more!). Venue would be at Food not Bomb house, in PJ. On 31st October 2009, Pips will be in Ipoh, to be precise at Maiya Studio Ipoh for another small gig. Hope you could make it!

My partner and I were thinking to go to Siem Reap next month, but because of some circumstances, we have to postpone it. He said he needs to think about it first. I was quite shocked after he told me what happened at his work place today. I wish the best for him.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It is very difficult to please everyone in the family.

Monday, September 7, 2009

just for fun

1. I can make big decision very fast without thinking too much about the consequences.

2. I don’t like my own name because it is too long.

3. I’ve been working for 3 1/2 years now and I’ve spent most of my salary on travelling and clothes.

4. I love my current job, boss and working environment.

5. I wish I am tall! But I know it is never going to happen!

6. When I was 5, I had an experience biting off my childhood friend’s ear because he is spoil. He took my toys and never say thank you. He was my neighbor and his mom calls him ‘Junior’. My mom scared to death when Junior’s ear bleeds and lied to Junior’s mom that her son fell off from bicycle.

7. Sometimes I can be very annoying, hot temper and too emotional. I hate myself for that. People, please blame the hormones.

8. Obsession towards swimming now. Wish to take scuba diving license by end of this year.

9. I learned to play guitar when I was 14. I learn the chords by myself and try all of the songs in the book but turns out to be different from the actual songs. I thought the book’s author is wrong and start to save money for other book. Same things happened. I was mad and decided to bring my guitar to the music store and told the guy what happened. He took my guitar and said “lerr, gitar ni dah lari tune dik. Nanti abg tolong tune kan”..oh! malunyaaa..

10. I hate shopping mall especially when I’m broke

11. I had 5 ear rings on my ears and had my belly button pierced when I was 17

12. I have to show my IC whenever I want to enter a club.

13. I hate flying cockroaches!

14. I enjoy food.

15. I came from a broken family but I have a good relationship (and very close) with siblings, mom and dad

16. I was a Mid-fielder in a soccer team when I was 15, but I’m not that good, haha.

17. I love Johnny Depp

18. When I was in Kindergarten I offered a boy sitting next to me sausages I brought from home and he threw it up. I was confused until teacher said he don’t eat beef. He’s an Indian.

19. People always say I am skinny. But I really don’t care.

20. I love pedicure.

21. I wash my hair everyday.

22. I hate people who loves to compare.

23. I like women in short hair.

24. I would listen to CD rather than any radio station while driving cause I hate the lame jokes and advertisements on every 5 minutes.

25. I would love to be a lecturer when I reach 30, but I'm not sure when I should start further studies

Friday, August 14, 2009

Getting younger today!

Additional one year to myself. But who cares, age is just a number.

Last night he treats me dinner at Fatty Crab, The Mines. The food was quite OK, we ordered Chinese fried rice, black pepper clams, stir fried baby kailan and vege+crab meat tofu (rating: average). Not to forget, we also ordered their famous 'carte du jour' sweet & sour pepper sauce crab (rating: marvelous). The aftermath: bloated stomach.

Our tradition is simple, we usually celebrate birthday one day earlier, dine together (of course birthday dinner is differ from the usual one, at special place generally) and eat until both swell up. After that we will have a nice drink, talk about life until midnight.

There are still a lot of mission for me to accomplish. I have to work hard to get what I want in life, for sure. No such thing as spoon feeding. No way. Momma always teaches me to stand up on my own whenever I fall. Dad always teaches me to work hard, find a good job so that I could afford to buy anything I want on my own. No such thing as financial aid from Mom and Dad. They teach me how to be strong, to stand on my own feet. I feel grateful for whom I am and I appreciate every little thing that happened to me whether it is bad or nice. I love the way I live my average life, how it assembled and build my thinking.

I am thankful to have such a great life partner, understanding mom, cool siblings, rock and roll friends (I love all of you!) and friendly bosses. But of course still a lot of things for me to achieve.

Long way to go, Ekinibi! Cheers..
p/s: owh, before this he usually gave me boyish bday stuff such as guitar, watch, the beatles books etc, but this year its quite different, he gave me crumpler cute handbag. So cute because he never buy me girlish stuff! hehe..anyway, thanks dear.i love it :) i don't care about bday present anyway,as long as i celebrate it with u.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Last week I sold my shares..
This week, you can call me orang kaya baru...hihi..but only for a while, ok.
I need retail therapy!
Since my birthday is in August, I would love to pamper myself.
I need new wristwatch, new handphone and loads of new clothes for myself.
I want to buy simple gift for my momma.
Oh yeah, simple gift for my other half.
I should save the rest of the amount for rainy days!
Hmmm..can't wait for November..I want to buy more shares from my Company..hehe.
Hell yeah, im addicted now! :))


A roadtrip surrounded by great people will never turns out to be boring.

Last Friday night, all of us slept at Suria's place. On Saturday, we woke up pretty early in the morning (6am), drove a car (thanks to bart & chacha's mom for direction), and reached Cherating at 10.30am. Since all of us did not make any room reservation, we have to stopped by every chalet to ask for room availability. We were quite lucky because there was only one room left at the Coconut Inn chalet that day. So without thinking any longer, we just agreed to check in. The room was quite comfortable and very basic. The price was affordable, only RM50/night. I love the place because of its simplicity, very near to nature and very practical. We just have to walk 1 minute to the beach, it just nearby the makan place plus the owner was very friendly (p/s: anak owner sgt handsome, tapi masih di bawah umur).
After we checked in, we changed our clothes and went to the beach. The beach was okay, but I'm quite pissed off when I saw plastic bags and diapers thrown by some irresponsible bastards. I don't understand what's wrong with these people, anyway.
Later that evening, after we lazing around the beach we make our move to Kuala Kemaman. Our mission was to find Mak Nek's stall (a very famous place since a friend of mine were still 10 years old) and tried some of their famous food. Lucky we found that place after we lost for several minutes. Curry mee, mee soup, porridge, keropok lekor, otak2, you name it, we whacked all. The food was totally awesome.

With bloated stomach we headed back to our cute room for a nap and quick shower.
At night we spent our time hanging out at a small bar called Little Bali. The food was okay (we only had drinks and snacks since all of us was still full). There were local boys swimming and surf boarding (pulled by boat) at the river.
(p/s: can't help ourselves staring at the boys' six pack belly but once again, some of them are underage!too bad)
Kampung boys are adventurous compared to urban kids. I love seeing them swimming in a river late at night, fishing etc, compared to urban kids, most of them only know how to play Play Station at home..or maybe the most adventurous thing urban kids did is sneaked out and go clubbing?haha what a boring life!
Hmm, there were also live bands and birthday celebration for the bar owner that night.
We went back to our room late at night, have a chat at our room's veranda and fall asleep.
The next day, after we had breakfast we went to the beach again.
Lazing around and mandi laut until the afternoon.
Balik bilik and mandi nude ramai2 kat shower.

We checked out late that day.
Before we headed back to KL, we stopped at Temerloh for a nice lunch. I have to admit that ikan patin gulai tempoyak was totally scrumptious!
We reached KL at 6pm.
I only spent rm100 for the whole trip! What a great weekend... Maybe we should plan for other roadtrip next time.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Last few days we celebrated Nunu’s birthday.
Anyway, Nunu is one of my closest girlfriends. She is very independent and talented.
She wrote beautiful lyrics and she’s damn good in making a home made soy drinks!
May God bless you Nunu, Love ya!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Finally I cut my hair short!
This time, really short.
Last Sunday I went to SAW at KLCC and met Elle, the hairstylist.
I've made an appointment with Elle earlier and when I arrived SAW, I saw him at the counter, I smiled and said "I want short hair". He smiled and said "yeah, your face is suitable with short hair..Ok, be prepared. It's time for you to say goodbye to your hair now,"

Anyway, it's been almost a week since I had short hair.
I'm loving it, I save a lot of shampoo and time!
It makes me feel alive. Thanks Elle!

When I came to the office on last Monday, one of my colleague came to me and said "hey, what happened to you on weekend?"
i said "nothing happened, why?"
he said "are you stress or your boyfriend ran away?"
i said " haha, why you say that?"
he said "of course la, women only cut their hair short either when they are stress/depress or bf ran away!"
i said "what the hell...haha,nope, im just bored with my long hair!that's it"

It's quite funny when a guy say like that.

Hmm..our plan for Cherating trip is still on. Im glad because its been 2 years now since Suria, Chacha, Yoyo and I went for vacation together. How time flies!
Weehee, can hardly wait for another all-girls vacation! oops, sorry, im quite gender-bias here.hehe

Monday, July 13, 2009

surga dan neraka?

Apakah kita semua benar-benar tulus
Menyembah pada-Nya
Atau mungkin kita hanya
Takut pada neraka dan inginkan syurga.
Jika syurga dan neraka tak pernah ada
Masihkah kau bersujud kepada-Nya?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

karma works!

A dear friend of mine at work told me she felt very dissapointed with her partner for not telling her the truth. She said her partner has been transferred to the other state because of work, and now they are meeting each other only on weekends. Last week, she secretly set up something on her partner's handphone, so that she could read all of the incoming smses. Unexpectedly, she found out her partner always text this one lady, and she knows something is going on between both of them..

Personally, I feel sorry for her.

However, I still believe that it is needless to invade other people privacy even though that person is your soulmate. It will makes you feel restless day by day and the result, faith that you have built with your partner will fades away. To me, no faith meaning no relationship. Simple as that.

If your partner did something not cool behind your back, just keep believe in karma. Karma works all the time. Life is like a cycle, one day you will be on the top, maybe on the other day you will be at the bottom. Karma can be very mean. If today you did something bad to other people, one day other people will do bad to you.

Please don't feel bad to be sincere. For instance, if you don't have feelings towards your partner anymore, just be sincere. Just talk and be honest. I know it hurts, but it is better than your partner figure it out by him/herself. Even worst if he/she know it from other people.

Karma really is a bitch. Believe me!

Friday, June 19, 2009

here we come kuala kangsar!


The flyer is out.

We are goin' to Kuala Kangsar on July 4th..Still thinking, should i drive or be a teenager again-take a bus? hehe. Hmmm I think it's better for us to drive since we've got to carry along our beloved boyfriends (my sexay acoustic guitar & yoyo's bass, crane).

Uh! Today is Yoyo's birthday. I am quite broke this month. My wallet got serious injury because of car roadtax & insurance renewal plus The Pips recording that day. However, as a professional online shopper, I've found a cool website and bought Yoyo a very cute & useful gift online, not more than RM40 (delivery charge is free). I was quite happy because that cute little thing is useful for her, since she just bought a brandnew mini laptop last week. It's not about a tradition to give a friend present on her birthday, but more to appreciation token for being such a cooolest friend on earth! it's not about i have to give her present but its more to i want to giver her a present. Hope she'll love it. Going to meet her at Midvalley tonight, and catch some japanese film at Japan Film Fest.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Suddenly today i'm craving for:-

Ada telur kat dalam kuah.

Monday, June 8, 2009

tiring but great weekend

Finally we did it!
Last friday was awesome. We went to Zahid's studio at Shah Alam for recording. Started at 1am, finished at 7am on Saturday. I was like zombie, did not sleep for 24hours. We managed to record 6 songs, and so far I'm satisfied with it :) Poor Hana, she was a bit tired that day but she did a great job. Everybody did a very good job :) Pity The Pips. No pictures, due to broken camera.

After I had breakfast, I went back home and had sleep at 8am. At 10.55am, I heard my sister yelled at me saying that mama already arrived KL. I can't help myself so I continue sleeping. At 11.15am I heard mama's voice (with a very high pitch tone) yelled at me "haihh dah pukul berapa ni...tak bangun lagiiii..' On that time, I can't open my eyes, I can't move, I did not give any respond to my mom.

11.35am, I woke up (sebab kesian mama) and mandi. Had lunch together and accompany mom shopping.. kepala ting tong on that time..

5pm, we reached home, I had my tidur petang.

7.30pm, I woke up and get ready for dinner.

8pm we went to Asia Cafe for dinner. Had butter crab & char kuey teow.

11.30pm, reached home and terus tidur..

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Self Retreat

My recent trip to Aussie was great. Amazed of their futuristic tall buildings and fine-looking old church. I spent 10 days there, stayed at our friend's apartment at South Yarra. I managed to travel to the other suburbs, went to Port Campbell, the fisherman village and witness the most amazing view at the Twelve Appostles. Got a chance for steam train ride (puffing billy) at Dandenong Range, dawdle around the city, went to Crown Cassino at night and had an evening walk at the park. The weather is ooo-kay, end of autumn and it was cold! 9 degrees and I only brought a pair of termal clothing!

I was quite lucky. I managed to catch up Tom Gabel's show at Richmond. I went crazy like hell...For all this while, I listen to Against Me, and for God's sake it happens that he's performing in Melbourne while I was there. I went to the gig alone, anyway. My sister and other friends are broke (i guess they are just using that excuse not to go!).

The show supposed to start at 8pm, but I came a bit late, at 9pm. After I bought myself a drink, I walked slowly to the first row. And...Tom was there, tuning his guitar... The show started and everyone screamed like nobody business. I saw this one guy, standing in a middle of the crowd, wearing leather jacket with 'Against Me' patches all over his jacket.

While I was busy taking pictures, there's one lady approached me. She helped me to take pictures and we talked and enjoying music together.

Tengah syok-syok, one big mamat punk came to me and asked me what am I drinking. After I answered him, senang hati he 'pau' my drink...terus potong! He was like berlakon friendly dengan aku. cis!!

Before I left I bought some stuff at the booth, and rushed to the train station. It was 11.45pm on that time and the last train was at 12.

When I was at the train station, I noticed theres no sign to South Yarra, so I started to ask people around. They said I have to go to Flinders street and after that I have change train to South Yarra. My phone suddenly battery kong, tak sempat read direction message from my sister. Slumber redah.

I arrived South Yarra station at 1am, cos I waited for 40 minutes at Flinders street for another train to S.Yarra. When I reached S.Yarra, I saw my sister and her friend waiting for me with their worried faces.chaos...
Anyway, I took some videos on that night, but I don't know how to convert the file..It's okay, just check him out here
and his band, Against Me

Self Retreat- Melbourne Aussie

Hari ini dalam sejarah


Terasa macam nak cakap dengan diri sendiri. Dah lama tak bercakap dengan diri sendiri. To me, talking to myself is like self-meditation. Very comforting & relaxing.
My working life is stagnant now. Few weeks ago I learned how to handle ESOS (Employee Share Option Scheme) when my Manager was on leave. Once harga saham naik, mula bosses menganggu hidup. Bosses macam takde kerja, setiap hari tengok harga saham Kencana naik ke turun. Haihh.

Last year, several of selected staff were given shares, and proud to say, I am one of them. I was given 15,000 shares to practice this year with affordable practice price. Sekarang harga saham Kencana macam sudah naik, tapi aku tak cukup duit nak beli.

I wish I'm a billionaire. Macam-macam benda nak beli, banyak tempat nak pergi lagi.
Nak jadi bos. Terasa malas kerja tak payah datang kerja.
Boring duduk rumah, pergi shopping atau travel. Kalau boring lagi, baru pergi kerja sibuk-sibuk kat office. Best kan...

Harini tak best.

Pagi-pagi baru keluar daripada kawasan rumah, tengok kiri kanan, kiri takde kereta, kanan ada kereta tapi terasa sempat keluar simpang. Tapi rupanya kereta tu laju, terpaksa break terkejut. Terus terasa hari ni tak best. Sampai office, kerja semua dah siap, takda kerja pending pun, office pun tak busy. Buka website MAS, tengok harga tiket pergi New York. Return flight RM26,800. Mahal nak mam... terus rasa tak best.

Malam ni, Adeline asked me to join her play futsal at OU. Dah bersemangat bawak baju & kasut skali kene pospone lewat kul 10mlm...hmmm. still thinking nak join ke tak...On the way to office pagi tadi, tengok traffic light lama-lama, rupanya ada bintik-bintik kecik yang sangat geli....euwwwww...terus tak tengok traffic light. Tak sedar dah greenlight, kene plak horn dengan orang belakang..haihh..semua tak kena harini. haihhhh...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm back!

whew..finally back to the office :)
Melbourne was GREAT. very COLD!
travel report later, got to do some work!

Monday, May 11, 2009

I'll be away for 2 weeks.
Yay! i can't wait for that. Been very busy at the office lately. It was so hard to take care of all the bosses. They caused me headache :)
I'm going off tomorrow. YEAH!! Finally :)
I have settled everything. Need to go to EPF and do the payment for company afterwards. And...need to go to clinic after work for anti-influenza injection.
Noen and Yoyo asked me to join them for dinner tonight. But I haven't do packing yet....hmmmmm...okay got to go! da!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fear Factor

I'm just an ordinary jane that afraid of height, pain and dark. But to overcome it, I always tell myself, “fuck!! I can face it!!” and I will usually try to handle it.
For instance, when I was little, I’m afraid of dark. To me, to be in a dark room / place is unsafe because on that time I believed that ghosts are every where. It takes time for me to force myself to look around when I walk alone in a dark. Now, if I pass by a big tree or an abandoned house, I will take a look at it like waiting for the ghost to come out. After that I am not afraid of dark-anymore because it just a feeling that we create to scare ourselves.

The same goes with pain. I did lots of piercing to overcome the fear of pain. The biggest fear was when Sonno, a friend from Yogya came to KL. That was the first time I feel it by myself and thought, needle is cruel. Someday, I want to try bungee jumping to overcome the fear of height. I wanted to dive into the dark ocean and find out what’s in there actually. I want to do sky diving as well.


BUT NOT FOR THIS ONE!! I will die if I see tiny holes / round image placed side by side. I can’t stand it!! I’ve tried but I just CAN’T! I HATE MYSELF FOR THAT!!! I hate acupuncture stones at the park (yeah, I’m weird, so what??) and I HATE the breast picture that I’ve found when I was blog hopping yesterday. If you are brave enough, please click


Monday, May 4, 2009

I’m using this image as my PC wallpaper now. There are still A LOT of countries that I need to stopover. Next target would be Sabah (probably end of this year-still trying to persuade several friends to take scuba diving license with me!) and Thailand (hopefully in Jan). Now I just want to focus on this month’s trip. Hmm, can’t wait for next week :) the 2 weeks leave has been approved last month and I hope it’s all worth it. I haven’t do visa yet, hopefully I could settle everything by today. Hell yes, I want to try bungee jumping (if I have enough cash and if I have guts) and HELL YES, I want to watch ‘AGAINST ME’ acoustic show. I CAN”T WAIT for the excitement but I don’t want to get over excited!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

don't belong, don't exist, don't give a shit, don't ever judge me! ( fav.quote since 1998)

This guy is one hell of magnificent person I’ve ever known.

He is outspoken, independent, helpful, brilliant, bold, but sometimes can be very timid. He enjoys spending his free time at Borders and he loves food. He eats almost everything! When he gets his payment, he will buy a lot of books for himself and he’ll bring me to the best restaurant/stall/hawker. We love to try different kind of food. Sometimes I cook for him. His favorite is my assam pedas fish (that’s what he said).

Other than that, he spends most of his time working. I should admit that he is a workaholic guy. Don’t ever talk to him when he’s doing his work, he will totally ignore you. His Macbook is like his second girlfriend (perhaps, no 1 gf??), he’ll cart it everywhere he goes without fail. As a designer he always don’t have time for himself, but I can see that he tries so hard to spend his time with me, his friends and mum.

He treats me as a partner. We figure things out together, we discuss about things together, he is free to do whatever he likes and so do I. Both of us never belong to each other. We are belonging to ourselves and we are free to do whatever we love to. Only trust and integrity in relationship are matters. Argumentative between me and him makes us awake and it helps to improve ourselves to a better person.

I could say that he is my best friend, my partner and my rival as well.

Friday, April 24, 2009

introvert or extrovert??

Love the conversation that we had with Cem on last weekend. The conversation took place at Jalan Alor after we sweat like pig at Bad Omen gig at Noisy ampang. (how many 'at' laa)

The conversation started with:

hahah, that words remind me of my University lame but interesting, anyway.

I think I am introvert. I only can be extrovert to introvert people. If someone ask me to crash other people's party, I will end up socializing with people that Im familiar with. I HATE myself for that!! At the workplace, I am quite extrovert. I dont have problem to socialize at all. I'm confuse with myself. If i hang out with new people, it takes time for me to fit it. I notice, I am not a type of person who take the first move to ask somebody's name or to start the conversation (THAT MEANS I AM INTROVERT TO STRANGERS). I wish I could change that. I wish I have guts to make new friends everytime i go to party/event.

Oh yeah, we thought about print a statement t-shirt for ourselves, but with different statement.
I was thinking.....this statement for myself:

"I AM INTROVERT & i love rock n roll"
and i would wear that shirt to party/event, so that extrovert friend will come near me and ask my name.haha. And yeah! we were thinking to organize party for INTROVERTS only.hmmmm cant wait for that!

Haha, on Sunday Yoyo came to my house and we had our 'jamming kapok' session. So, we came up with new song! The song is called 'INTROVERT WHORE'...aahhh cant wait to record itttt :))

Friday, April 10, 2009

weekend movies

I'll be in Ipoh on this coming weekend. Usually I will just spend my time at home, eat and sleep, or go to the hair salon (cos its cheap). Since my cash is quite low, I don't think I could go to the salon for hair treatment. So, I've been thinking to catch some of my all-time-favourite movies that I have in mind right now...hmm..lets cikedaout.
Have watched this movie for million times but teringin nak tengok lagi.
p/s: edward norton is hotter than brad pitt *enuf said*

VERY INTERESTING STORY. I don't get the real picture of the movie when I watched it for the first time. It's quite complicated. I get to understand the whole story when I watched it on the second time. Very sad movie. Tiba-tiba Jim Carrey kelihatan handsome dlm movie ni. Mungkin sebab dia berlakon watak serius. I love Kate Winslet in this movie. Awesome!

EVERYONE KNOWS. I loveeee this movie.... I love the outfit..I was 8 years old on that time. Masa tu cerita ni keluar kat TV2. Masa ni first time fell in love dengan lelaki yang bernama Johnny Depp...

* There are lots more, but I gave my priority to these 3 first :)