Saturday, December 20, 2008

What would you say?

If someone is telling you:-
i) "Eee, kurusnya.."
ii) "Macam peluk tulang.."
iii) "Berapa berat kau?"
iv) "You are so damn skinny"
v) "Kalau gemuk sikit cantik"
vi) "Tak makan ke?"
vii) "Banyak cacing kot kau ni"


i) "Eee, gemuknya.."
ii) "Macam peluk bantal"
iii) "Kau kene diet.."
iv) "You are so fat, like a pig!"
v) "Klau kurus mesti cantik.."
vi) "Kau mesti makan banyak.."
vii) "Lemak kau dah tepu kot,"
(in a very harsh and humiliating way, macam dia org paling cun/handsome/perfect di dunia. kalau secara joking, I don't mind at all)

What would you do?
If someone telling me one of the proclamations above, I would say:-
"God creates human divergently"
"Manusia lain-lain"

Why people should bother about other people?

I am petite, and yes, I admit that I am underweight. But I have appetite to eat. I love food. I would feel guilty if I skip my breakfast. I eat without limit, because I know I have the difficulty to put on weight. I rarely take fast food, I usually take healthy food.
My mom and my sister are petite too. My mom said when she was at my age, her body was exactly like me. Because of genes or high metabolisme, perhaps?

Several years before, when someone told me that I am skinny (in a very harsh way), I usually ended up emo sepanjang hari. But if you telling me that now, I will just give you my sweetest smile ever :) ehhehe.. yeah, you can call me crazy but, for god's sake, I don't care anymore. To me, human are different. Ada yang tall, short, thin, fat, semua pun menarik dengan masing-masing punya specialty. Ada lelaki suka perempuan yang chubby, sebab chubby cute :), ada lelaki suka perempuan kurus and leper, macam model :) hehe, ada perempuan suka lelaki jambu, ada perempuan suka lelaki kurus, ada yang rasa lelaki boroi cute, haha, etc etc. Whether you are gemuk, chubby, kurus or super-kurus, it doesn't matter, as long as you are healthy. Come on, love yourself!

If you are kind-hearted and wise, I would proudly say 'You are beautiful"

p/s: I love seeing pregnant ladies..

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My head is spinning

My head's dizzy.
I've been having fever and cough since last week, precisely on last Monday.
I went to a doctor and have finished taking the antibiotics, but still have the fever, so I went to a doctor for a second time on last Sunday. The doctor decided to take my blood for dengue test.
Geez. I hate getting sick for God's sake :(
Anyway, I don't think it's dengue.
Like few days ago and until now, I feel dizzy whenever I'm in a car and will end up by throwing up. I don't know what is wrong with me. I don't have appetite to eat and I feel unhealthy so badly!
My dad's answer is simple, he said it's probably just a 'year end sickness', WHICH I HATE MYSELF SO MUCH FOR THAT!!!

Because of this strange sickness, I have to take MCs, two times for the month of December.

Because of these MCs, I dont think I could take leave on this Saturday, 20th (definitely cannot take leave if I still want to work here), which means I cant go to Kuantan for Cherating Gigs. I have to go to work or else, my boss will definitely kick my ass.
So, no gig for me this weekend because of this strange weirdo sickness.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lil Ladyfest 29th November 08

Sapphoric Asid
This is George a.k.a georgia with his fantastic poem 'bout fast food.hihi.quite funny tho!

Mooza mohd, she's brilliant!

At first I was over excited about this party. 30 minutes before the sound check, I pissed off. Towards the end of the party, I found it amusing.


I had so much fun at the LGBT party on last Saturday. It was held at Club 69, opposite Maison at Heritage Row. I never been there before, and that was the first time The Pips were asked to play at the club. LGBT is actually stands for 'Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transsexual' and the purpose of the party was to celebrate the community that has been discriminated by the majority.

I would say that the organizer was a bit too rush about this party that she even forgot about the most important thing for this event, the music equipment. At first I've been told by her that we will be provided with a full set of music equipment during that night but 30 minutes before the sound check, she said there would be no drum and amp. we brought our own amp (lucky we have one), and played acoustic that night. Anyway, thanks to the great audience for the wonderful support :) We loveee youuu.