Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Langkawi Island, Malaysia

Halang Hotel, Langkawi
Island of Pregnant Maiden
Cenang Beach
Pulau Beras Basah
Sunset at Cenang
Langkawi Island is an archipelago 104 islands lying in the north western coast of Peninsular Malaysia. This island is unique with its own lagendsand myths. Before this, I've been working at Langkawi Island for 6 months. The main purpose I went to Langkawi is to visit old friends and to have fun!
From Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Perlis
Departure: Friday, 9.30pm by bus.
(out from KL at 11.30pm)
Arrival: Saturday, 8.30am at Kuala Perlis
(bus stranded at Kedah and have to change to other bus at 6.30am)
Bus Fare: RM 43 (one way)

At Kuala Perlis
Have to wait 4 hours for ferry since all the tickets were sold out.
Ferry Departure: 1.00pm
Ferry fare: RM 18 (one way)
Breakfast at the stall: RM 6
(fried maggie + fried chicken + ice tea)

Langkawi Island
Arriving LGK: 1.45pm
Taxi fare from the jetty to Helang Hotel: RM 4 (per person)
Helang Hotel: RM 260 per night *price during peak season
(Nearby the airport, very comfortable for 4/5 person)

Activities: Parasailing, Jetski, Banana Boat, Island Hopping, Cable Car, Mangrove Tour, Eagle Feeding, Jungle Tracking, Sunba, Raggae Bar
Specialties: Duty free liquor, ciggy, chocolate & other imported stuff
Good dining: Artisan Pizza, Little lylias, The Home, Nasi Lemak Aki, Debbie's Place

Departure: Monday, 10.40pm
Arriving LCCT: Monday, 11.25pm
Flight Fare: RM 145.50 (one way)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Next Night, Studio Shop

Dying In Motion-Swiss

Chem concentrating

Cute japanese guy, Full Chin

Last night was awesome.
We had so much fun at Studio Shop, Wangsamaju.

Ehem..Okay everyone,last night we introduced our new band member, chem the chemist! The only guy (polite guy) in the band! hehe..We love you chem!
He went to toilet 2 times before the show started and said "Gua nervous sialll'.. hahhaha.. Go chem!

There was a guy called Full Chin from Japan, he was good! I love the way he strummed his guitar. It just a solo acoustic performance, but the sound he creates was solid.

A band from Swiss called 'Dying in Motion' was great too, their performance was soo energetic. As usual, the place was hot and steamy but we don't care because the bands were great.

Friday, January 2, 2009

two thousand nine

Hi peeps
It's 2009 now.

Nothing much to write, anyway.

Probably i should write less about personal life (which i find it very boring!-my life is boring, anyway..hehe) and should start writing about places i have been and where i want to go [just for fun or perhaps it might be useful as reference :) ]
I have enrolled myself for swimming class this year, dengan harapan to gain some weight. Want to learn butterfly, freestyle, advanced stroke. hehe. And hopefully after that i want to take scuba diving license (finally..!).

Hmmm. That's all for today. Cheers mate.