Tuesday, April 28, 2009

don't belong, don't exist, don't give a shit, don't ever judge me! (hehehe..my fav.quote since 1998)

This guy is one hell of magnificent person I’ve ever known.

He is outspoken, independent, helpful, brilliant, bold, but sometimes can be very timid. He enjoys spending his free time at Borders and he loves food. He eats almost everything! When he gets his payment, he will buy a lot of books for himself and he’ll bring me to the best restaurant/stall/hawker. We love to try different kind of food. Sometimes I cook for him. His favorite is my assam pedas fish (that’s what he said).

Other than that, he spends most of his time working. I should admit that he is a workaholic guy. Don’t ever talk to him when he’s doing his work, he will totally ignore you. His Macbook is like his second girlfriend (perhaps, no 1 gf??), he’ll cart it everywhere he goes without fail. As a designer he always don’t have time for himself, but I can see that he tries so hard to spend his time with me, his friends and mum.

He treats me as a partner. We figure things out together, we discuss about things together, he is free to do whatever he likes and so do I. Both of us never belong to each other. We are belonging to ourselves and we are free to do whatever we love to. Only trust and integrity in relationship are matters. Argumentative between me and him makes us awake and it helps to improve ourselves to a better person.

I could say that he is my best friend, my partner and my rival as well.

Friday, April 24, 2009

introvert or extrovert??

Love the conversation that we had with Cem on last weekend. The conversation took place at Jalan Alor after we sweat like pig at Bad Omen gig at Noisy ampang. (how many 'at' laa)

The conversation started with:

hahah, that words remind me of my University days..so lame but interesting, anyway.

I think I am introvert. I only can be extrovert to introvert people. If someone ask me to crash other people's party, I will end up socializing with people that Im familiar with. I HATE myself for that!! At the workplace, I am quite extrovert. I dont have problem to socialize at all. I'm confuse with myself. If i hang out with new people, it takes time for me to fit it. I notice, I am not a type of person who take the first move to ask somebody's name or to start the conversation (THAT MEANS I AM INTROVERT TO STRANGERS). I wish I could change that. I wish I have guts to make new friends everytime i go to party/event.

Oh yeah, we thought about print a statement t-shirt for ourselves, but with different statement.
I was thinking.....this statement for myself:

"I AM INTROVERT & i love rock n roll"
and i would wear that shirt to party/event, so that extrovert friend will come near me and ask my name.haha. And yeah! we were thinking to organize party for INTROVERTS only.hmmmm cant wait for that!

Haha, on Sunday Yoyo came to my house and we had our 'jamming kapok' session. So, we came up with new song! The song is called 'INTROVERT WHORE'...aahhh cant wait to record itttt :))

Friday, April 10, 2009

weekend movies

I'll be in Ipoh on this coming weekend. Usually I will just spend my time at home, eat and sleep, or go to the hair salon (cos its cheap). Since my cash is quite low, I don't think I could go to the salon for hair treatment. So, I've been thinking to catch some of my all-time-favourite movies that I have in mind right now...hmm..lets cikedaout.
Have watched this movie for million times but teringin nak tengok lagi.
p/s: edward norton is hotter than brad pitt *enuf said*

VERY INTERESTING STORY. I don't get the real picture of the movie when I watched it for the first time. It's quite complicated. I get to understand the whole story when I watched it on the second time. Very sad movie. Tiba-tiba Jim Carrey kelihatan handsome dlm movie ni. Mungkin sebab dia berlakon watak serius. I love Kate Winslet in this movie. Awesome!

EVERYONE KNOWS. I loveeee this movie.... I love the outfit..I was 8 years old on that time. Masa tu cerita ni keluar kat TV2. Masa ni first time fell in love dengan lelaki yang bernama Johnny Depp...

* There are lots more, but I gave my priority to these 3 first :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

sound of the suburbs


This is the third entry of the month. I just feel like writing recently. Not really a writing, but kind of meditation, talking to myself.

Yesterday one of a good friend of mine when I was studying in UNIMAS came for an interview at my office. Luckily, the interview went well. Hope she'll get that job.

[3 days back, my director was asking for my help to hand him some resumes for the job opening. The moment I handed him the CVs, I remembered that I have a friend who needs job badly. So I called her, asked her to email me her resume, and she did. Before this, she's working with DELL in Penang and because of the recession, shes been retrenched.]

Sometimes, I love my job very much. Sometimes I hate it. To understand 1001 types of human behaviour is the most difficult task to handle. Rules and regulations in the Corporate office really makes me dizzy. Formal office attire, office politic, sitting in front of PC etc etc. But what to do, sometimes I just love my job. I love whenever new staff joining in, I will be the one who knows about it first. I love interviewing people, I love interacting with different types of people. Its all about people, anyway. And, ermmm, not to forget, its a well paid job. Of course its about money as well. hehe.

Sometimes I think it would be pretty interesting if I were a hairstylist. I can wear whatever I want to work. I can wear hot pants on sunny day or just wear my favourite jeans to work. Should be no problem. No need to sit in front of the wardrobe each night thinking what to wear to work. No need to spend 10 mins ironing clothes before go to sleep. I can color my hair to any color I want. I can perm my hair whenever I like, cut it short when Im bored, makes other people look beautiful with their new haircut. Hmmm..Sounds interesting, ait..

The other dream job would be, scuba diving instructor. Can't imagine spending time at the island, meeting new friends, dive into the other side of world and of course travelling to all of the beautiful islands.

Or to be a lecturer? Maybe it sounds a bit boring and casual, but its kind of interesting job to me. Dealing with teenagers and be the coolest lecturer ever in the University. Change the way of teaching, change the students' mind set. Cool, eh? And of course, its a well paid job.. hmmm..

Anyway, I have to work because I need money. I need money because I need to travel.

The most important thing I want to do now is, to TRAVEL
Dont ask me when I want to get married, because its not what I want to do right now.
I just want to travel all around the world. I dont care if Im broke at the end of the month, cos its all worth it.

p/s: This entry has nothing to do with above title
Sound of the suburbs- The Members (my fav song of the month. Go watch them at you tube!)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

missy haruka

Introducing a lovely friend of mine, Miss Haruka Hana.
She's an independant artist, I could also say she's an activist and a feminist.
If you got a chance to browse her collection, in most of her drawing you will notice a girl with bandages all over the face. I've asked her once long time ago, who's the girl in her drawing, she said the girl is just nobody. Then I asked her again, why you cover her face with bandages? Then she replied, "because she's ugly". I know she tries to portray herself in her own drawing, BUT BELIEVE ME, she's not ugly, at all.
To me, Haruka Hana is adorable and beautiful. She's one hell of brave lady I've ever known. She's independant and she got a very beautiful voice. I love the way she dressed which remind me of Anime cartoon character. One friend tagged her in Facebook, so I decided to stole some of the pics and write something about her caracteristics which differentiate her from others.
I just hang out with her last week. She just came back from a long journey, she spent 2 weeks cycling from KL to Penang. So, guys, what are you waiting for, she's single for god's sake :))

* if hana knows i'm writing about her, i'm dead hehe.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

damn it damn it damn ittt

I want to have a short hair but I'm too scared to cut it off. Too scared if it makes me look skinnier. When i look at the photo album, my hair is just the same since (i dont know when) but it just the same fuckin hair style. *blerghhh* Okay, forget about the lame hair story for a while.

On the last two weeks I hang out with ayie. I had nothing to do on Saturday so I went to her house to have some fresh veggie. We ended up laughing over some stupid jokes and after that went to Sunway Pyramid for dinner with Pika, Lin and other friends. Haha, it was my first time going out with Pika and Lin for girly girly outing, anyway. Before this we just met at gigs and never hang out after had good time together at shows/gigs. It was on the Earth Hour day so, some of the restaurant switched off the lights for one hour. Went to Helo Bali for the first time (yeah, I seldom go to clubs!) but I really enjoy myself for being surrounded by cool girlfriends and some of the cute chinese guys :) hehe. Reached home at 5 a.m, for god's sake!

Nowadays, life is just average. Have to save money for the next trip, which happens to be next month!. But what to do, human are weak, I just cant stop myself from being an on-line shopper addict. Things getting worst since I know how to use Maybank2u and CIMB clicks (yeah, I'm quite old-fashion). Even worst if I have to spend my weekend in KL doing nothing, which I will end up buying more clothes and thinking about buying new wardrobe for extra storage. My cash is getting low nowadays, so I have to swipe my sister's credit card so that I could buy winter jacket for myself for our next trip. (i dont have credit card, and i dont want to have one). Damn it...I need courage to stop buying and start saving!! I feel like i want to slap myself for over spending this month!!