Wednesday, June 24, 2009

karma works!

A dear friend of mine at work told me she felt very dissapointed with her partner for not telling her the truth. She said her partner has been transferred to the other state because of work, and now they are meeting each other only on weekends. Last week, she secretly set up something on her partner's handphone, so that she could read all of the incoming smses. Unexpectedly, she found out her partner always text this one lady, and she knows something is going on between both of them..

Personally, I feel sorry for her.

However, I still believe that it is needless to invade other people privacy even though that person is your soulmate. It will makes you feel restless day by day and the result, faith that you have built with your partner will fades away. To me, no faith meaning no relationship. Simple as that.

If your partner did something not cool behind your back, just keep believe in karma. Karma works all the time. Life is like a cycle, one day you will be on the top, maybe on the other day you will be at the bottom. Karma can be very mean. If today you did something bad to other people, one day other people will do bad to you.

Please don't feel bad to be sincere. For instance, if you don't have feelings towards your partner anymore, just be sincere. Just talk and be honest. I know it hurts, but it is better than your partner figure it out by him/herself. Even worst if he/she know it from other people.

Karma really is a bitch. Believe me!

Friday, June 19, 2009

here we come kuala kangsar!


The flyer is out.

We are goin' to Kuala Kangsar on July 4th..Still thinking, should i drive or be a teenager again-take a bus? hehe. Hmmm I think it's better for us to drive since we've got to carry along our beloved boyfriends (my sexay acoustic guitar & yoyo's bass, crane).

Uh! Today is Yoyo's birthday. I am quite broke this month. My wallet got serious injury because of car roadtax & insurance renewal plus The Pips recording that day. However, as a professional online shopper, I've found a cool website and bought Yoyo a very cute & useful gift online, not more than RM40 (delivery charge is free). I was quite happy because that cute little thing is useful for her, since she just bought a brandnew mini laptop last week. It's not about a tradition to give a friend present on her birthday, but more to appreciation token for being such a cooolest friend on earth! it's not about i have to give her present but its more to i want to giver her a present. Hope she'll love it. Going to meet her at Midvalley tonight, and catch some japanese film at Japan Film Fest.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Suddenly today i'm craving for:-

Ada telur kat dalam kuah.

Monday, June 8, 2009

tiring but great weekend

Finally we did it!
Last friday was awesome. We went to Zahid's studio at Shah Alam for recording. Started at 1am, finished at 7am on Saturday. I was like zombie, did not sleep for 24hours. We managed to record 6 songs, and so far I'm satisfied with it :) Poor Hana, she was a bit tired that day but she did a great job. Everybody did a very good job :) Pity The Pips. No pictures, due to broken camera.

After I had breakfast, I went back home and had sleep at 8am. At 10.55am, I heard my sister yelled at me saying that mama already arrived KL. I can't help myself so I continue sleeping. At 11.15am I heard mama's voice (with a very high pitch tone) yelled at me "haihh dah pukul berapa ni...tak bangun lagiiii..' On that time, I can't open my eyes, I can't move, I did not give any respond to my mom.

11.35am, I woke up (sebab kesian mama) and mandi. Had lunch together and accompany mom shopping.. kepala ting tong on that time..

5pm, we reached home, I had my tidur petang.

7.30pm, I woke up and get ready for dinner.

8pm we went to Asia Cafe for dinner. Had butter crab & char kuey teow.

11.30pm, reached home and terus tidur..