Thursday, December 17, 2009


Not sure whether to cut it or leave it and keep it longer.
I mean my hair.
I look like The Beatles band member now..
I would like to try pixie cut, but I'm afraid it might not suits me well..Afraid if it might makes me look skinnier..whatever..a friend of mine told me once, a haircut will not makes you look fatter/skinnier..and I guess she is right.
Since tomorrow is a public holiday, I was thinking to go to SAW and meet Agnes..

hmmmm pixie cut or get a hair trim and leave it to grow...hmmm

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

can't wait!

Was browsing ikea 2010 catalogue this morning.
Can't wait to buy my own condo now!

yea riteee..

Monday, December 14, 2009


I feel grateful.
For the promotion and increment last month.
And this month I received christmas (just now to be exact,) angpow from my boss plus my shares will be credited into my CDS account tomorrow morning.

It's time to reward myself again.

Friday, December 11, 2009

i dont mean to be harsh, im just tryin to be sincere..

Hey you,

Come on; please stop acting like an idiotic. Don’t you realize that you will get married soon? If you want to sleep with someone else or flirt around before you are officially a husband to someone, please find other woman, moron. I’m not interested for that.

First, if you are fascinated to fuck around, just be sincere. Please let your fiancé knows that you are not yet ready for marriage or any commitment. I bet she would understand.

Second, learn to appreciate the existence of your fiancĂ©. As far as I know, she is appealing. She has everything. To be honest, I am quite curious why she falls for you. My tips, if you still love her, be faithful. If you don't, just let her go. Feeling guilty is not recommended cos you are “cool”. "Cool" guy would not feel guilty.

Last but not least, your egoistic sucks, for god’s sake. You think you are superior. Hmm.. my advice; please look at yourself in a mirror, you'll be surprised cos you will find yourself completely nothing.. yup, you are nothing.

Monday, December 7, 2009


O Lord,
Please give me strength,
I need strength to say 'no' to my little friends..
Yes, I guess it's time for me to say goodbye to my little friends..

I will miss you badly, my little friends..
But I have to, cos I'm tired to wake up in a middle of the night, coughing.
I have to consider my liver and teeth too,
My heart and my lips.

It's been 4 and a half years i placed you in my handbag,
I even bought a cute box to put you inside,
So that other things won't hurt you.

I have to say goodbye to you cos you are expensive,
I might have use that money to buy something else..

I will try my best to leave you behind,
Sorry my little friends..
I have to declare that we are now in a love-hate relationship..

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Siem Reap, Cambodia

On our way to Tonle Sap Lake. A kid was waving at us.
Floating Village

Sunset at Bakheng Mountain
Angkor Wat back view
Angkor Thom Bayon
Elephant Terrace
La Phrom
Happy Guest house, front view
Yellow Fried Noodle
Thy, at his favourite beef noodle soup shop
cambodian pancake with kuchai

Angkor night market
The old market
Pub Street

Siem Reap was totally remarkable. From Kuala Lumpur, it took 2 hours and a half to arrive Cambodia. The first thing I saw when I was on the plane, several minutes before landing was Tonle Sap Lake. It was totally huge. REALLY HUGE.

At the airport, a guy called Thy waited for us. He’s a tuk tuk driver from the backpackers lounge we were about to stay. He speaks really good English; at one glance he looks like tan Jamie Oliver, sincere and pleasant.
We stayed at Happy guest House (backpackers lounge) only for USD3 per person /night. The place was so clean and the people were welcoming. The food was okay, a plate of fried rice cost around USD 1, cheese omelet cost around USD 1.60. Basically, the food price at happy guest House will not cost you more than USD3.

Tonle Sap Lake really amazed me. We hired a tuk tuk to drive us out of town towards the river and took 2 hours boat ride (cost: USD20 per person) to Tonle Sap lake, which joins the river in shrinking and expanding dramatically with the seasons, thereby causing villagers to move their floating houses to different points.
In the evening we climbed Bakheng Mountain to watch the sunset. It was truly amazing.

On the next morning, we went to the amazing Angkor temple. It cost USD20 per person for one day pass. The place was enormous. I stumbled in front of Angkor Wat, I just can’t imagine how people can build such a powerful Angkor empire with a great architecture in a middle of a jungle. We spent almost one day for temple hopping (Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Elephant Terrace, Pre Rup, La Phrom ). At Angkor temple, I saw a lot of Cambodians speak Japanese, Germany and French glibly to communicate with the tourist. The sad part was, Cambodian Government sold the place to the multi national Vietnam Company. WTF right. I mean, Angkor temples are one of the reasons why people want to come to Cambodia, and the corrupted politicians sold it, to fatten the coffers of their breeds. What a selfish asshole!

The other 2 days, we just spent our time by cycling around the town. The town is modest, which you can find a lot of Old French Quarter, with a bit of Chinese inspired architecture. Most of the people look a bit like Malays, with dark skin. Unlike Vietnam, most of Cambodians are very fluent in English. I love the food, especially beef noodle soup at the stall. We’ve spent only USD4 for 3 big bowls of the delish beef noodle soup, lots of ‘char koay’ and jasmine tea for 3. We also went to Angkor Night market, old market, road side stalls and the Pub Street. During happy hour (3pm-6pm), a draught cost around USD50 cent a mug. Damn cheap.

I would love to go to Cambodia again.