Thursday, August 21, 2008

Out of Town

Cameron Highland resort

Conference Room

Strawberry Farm

'Boh" tea plantation

Flower Nursery

The Smoke House Hotel

Smoke house's Interior deco

Spooky Smoke House

Dinner at cameron Highland Resort. Mr.Parhan playing pool.

I just got back from the Management Retreat at Cameron Highland. I was there since last Sunday, helped the Corporate Communication Manager to organize and coordinate the event. This workshop is for Directors to sit together and discuss about the Company’s future. Everything was fantastic; I have the opportunity to mingle around with the Directors and their spouses, and have to make sure the event runs well.

I stayed at Cameron Highland Resort, for 2 days, and shifted to The Smoke House on the 3rd day. The food was okay and the service, I could say, tip top. Haha, The Smoke House was quite spooky; it’s an old cottage and the interior decoration makes me feel like home.

Meeting was okay, all the directors managed to cool down even though the ingredient of the agenda was brutal (Cold weather impacts their temper, I guess). As husbands busy with meeting, I organized a day trip for spouses and kids. We went to Strawberry Park, Tea Plantation and Flower Nursery. Yeah.. we had fun

The best part of the event,
Mr.*** gave me i-pod Nano 4GB as a complimentary gift for helping him. He gave it to me and Kak linda. When he handed the thing to kak lin, kak lin was so happy and automatically said "wow.i love you lah en.***!" and.. I dunno what to say so, I just said "love you en.***" (while smiling because i'm happy, and hope the tone is full of sense of humor) and suddenly situation changed which things became awkward, he just looked at the box without looking at my face. ahahhah! I am so regret, seriously! And I added "for the i-pod!". Damn it. And then he said "ooo, you girls only love me after you received the i-pod,huh". hahha.

It’s raining now and I’m back to the office.
Feel exhausted, but got lot of things on the tray to be done.
Oraits, talk to you later.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Magic Mush! Online Shopping

Check out my new online shopping blog at:

I will add lots of stuff soon.
I love beautiful outfit, but i dont like spending mountain of money on it. Because to me, fashion come and go very quickly. No need to spend on expensive stuff just to look fabulous.haha. The most important thing is, just be yourself!
Erm, okay..i need your feedback ya! Just drop me an email at or leave a comment at the blog. Thanks!

Happy Birthday to me.

Today, I'm growing 'younger'.
I don't mind about the number of age, it will continuously grows each year.
The way of thinking, is the only thing that matter the most.

I am still the same person, the same soul with the same attitude.

Ahha, tonight I want to treat Mr. Fukid and my sis a dinner. Owh..I'm craving for baked potato skin with bacon..
Last night was great. He gave me lots of surprises. Thanks a lot for the delicious Tony Romas Beef Ribs & yummy Cheese Cake. And, for the IBANEZ acoustic guitar! :) I loveeeee youuu.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Smash Sexism, Patriarchy

Last night was awesome.

Eventhough the show started quite late, it still worth it cos the crowd was greaaattt.

When it comes to our turn, it was nearly 12.30 am.

We decided to play our old song, 'Alrite' (a song to motivate people to always be an optimistic), and of course, followed by 'Ashes in The wind', 'Change' and the last song was Marjinal's(my very very very favourite band), 'Hukum Rimba'.-acoustic version of The Pips.Hehe. The crowd was very overwhelming, they even helped us to sing. Haha. Obviously, Haruka Hana was happy cos everybody sang along with her. :)..

Oh! I enjoyed other band as well such as, 'Always Last', 'Akta Angkasa', 'FRU', 'Fall to their Death', 'Lord Sunny Day'-(oh! i love their songs!), 'Alchemy of Sickness' & 'Sarjan Hassan'. Erm, 'FRU' was goooddd.
Ok, I am sucks in writing report. Whatever it is, I had so much fun :P

Last night I slept at 3am.

I woke up at 8am, this morning.

Now I'm at the office, working on Satuday..

Friday, August 8, 2008


DIY Femme Fest - Smash Sexism, Smash Patriarchy!
Hello Geng!
If you are free tonight, please come to Studio Shop in Wangsamaju for DIY Femme Fest. Supposedly we should have this gig at One Cafe, but under unreasonale circumstances, we have to change the venue, at Wangsamaju. Many friends said the space is quite small (plus hot) but it's okay, what really matter is... let's have rock n roll!
Oh yeah! The purpose of this Femme Fest is to warfare sexism and inequality among human being. It is also one of ways to provide a platform especially women to express their ideas through their music and arts. So, GIRLSSS out there..come on, let's cramp out the place tonight!
Uh, ok! Forget about the rock n roll for a sec. I love today's date. 8th August 2008. Eight Eight Eight.. Eight is my lucky number. I have eight pierce all over my body. I was born in August and I just love number Eight.. First thing I did early this morning is checking out my horoscope for today:-
Leo (Jul 23 - Aug 22)
The Bottom Line
You'll overreact at least once today. Your emotions are right beneath the surface.
In Detail
It's inevitable that you will overreact at least once today, because your emotions are right beneath the surface. There's a little chip on your shoulder and you are just waiting for someone to say the wrong thing so you can give them a piece of your mind. This is not a great way to make friends, so avoid large social situations now. Unless you can find a way to clear your mind and completely relax, your temper is going to be on a hair trigger -- and you can't trust it.
* Oh Damnnn. People, please be careful....

Monday, August 4, 2008

the band wasn't ok, but we had fun

Sis and Yo havin fun

I don’t feel like going at first.
But I’ve been persuaded with the free ticket and of course, free drinks.
Generally, the band was ok, but I don’t get the groove. Haha.
We left Mont Kiara about midnight, half deaf.