Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Self Retreat

My recent trip to Aussie was great. Amazed of their futuristic tall buildings and fine-looking old church. I spent 10 days there, stayed at our friend's apartment at South Yarra. I managed to travel to the other suburbs, went to Port Campbell, the fisherman village and witness the most amazing view at the Twelve Appostles. Got a chance for steam train ride (puffing billy) at Dandenong Range, dawdle around the city, went to Crown Cassino at night and had an evening walk at the park. The weather is ooo-kay, end of autumn and it was cold! 9 degrees and I only brought a pair of termal clothing!

I was quite lucky. I managed to catch up Tom Gabel's show at Richmond. I went crazy like hell...For all this while, I listen to Against Me, and for God's sake it happens that he's performing in Melbourne while I was there. I went to the gig alone, anyway. My sister and other friends are broke (i guess they are just using that excuse not to go!).

The show supposed to start at 8pm, but I came a bit late, at 9pm. After I bought myself a drink, I walked slowly to the first row. And...Tom was there, tuning his guitar... The show started and everyone screamed like nobody business. I saw this one guy, standing in a middle of the crowd, wearing leather jacket with 'Against Me' patches all over his jacket.

While I was busy taking pictures, there's one lady approached me. She helped me to take pictures and we talked and enjoying music together.

Tengah syok-syok, one big mamat punk came to me and asked me what am I drinking. After I answered him, senang hati he 'pau' my drink...terus potong! He was like berlakon friendly dengan aku. cis!!

Before I left I bought some stuff at the booth, and rushed to the train station. It was 11.45pm on that time and the last train was at 12.

When I was at the train station, I noticed theres no sign to South Yarra, so I started to ask people around. They said I have to go to Flinders street and after that I have change train to South Yarra. My phone suddenly battery kong, tak sempat read direction message from my sister. Slumber redah.

I arrived South Yarra station at 1am, cos I waited for 40 minutes at Flinders street for another train to S.Yarra. When I reached S.Yarra, I saw my sister and her friend waiting for me with their worried faces.chaos...
Anyway, I took some videos on that night, but I don't know how to convert the file..It's okay, just check him out here
and his band, Against Me

Self Retreat- Melbourne Aussie

Hari ini dalam sejarah


Terasa macam nak cakap dengan diri sendiri. Dah lama tak bercakap dengan diri sendiri. To me, talking to myself is like self-meditation. Very comforting & relaxing.
My working life is stagnant now. Few weeks ago I learned how to handle ESOS (Employee Share Option Scheme) when my Manager was on leave. Once harga saham naik, mula bosses menganggu hidup. Bosses macam takde kerja, setiap hari tengok harga saham Kencana naik ke turun. Haihh.

Last year, several of selected staff were given shares, and proud to say, I am one of them. I was given 15,000 shares to practice this year with affordable practice price. Sekarang harga saham Kencana macam sudah naik, tapi aku tak cukup duit nak beli.

I wish I'm a billionaire. Macam-macam benda nak beli, banyak tempat nak pergi lagi.
Nak jadi bos. Terasa malas kerja tak payah datang kerja.
Boring duduk rumah, pergi shopping atau travel. Kalau boring lagi, baru pergi kerja sibuk-sibuk kat office. Best kan...

Harini tak best.

Pagi-pagi baru keluar daripada kawasan rumah, tengok kiri kanan, kiri takde kereta, kanan ada kereta tapi terasa sempat keluar simpang. Tapi rupanya kereta tu laju, terpaksa break terkejut. Terus terasa hari ni tak best. Sampai office, kerja semua dah siap, takda kerja pending pun, office pun tak busy. Buka website MAS, tengok harga tiket pergi New York. Return flight RM26,800. Mahal nak mam... terus rasa tak best.

Malam ni, Adeline asked me to join her play futsal at OU. Dah bersemangat bawak baju & kasut skali kene pospone lewat kul 10mlm...hmmm. still thinking nak join ke tak...On the way to office pagi tadi, tengok traffic light lama-lama, rupanya ada bintik-bintik kecik yang sangat geli....euwwwww...terus tak tengok traffic light. Tak sedar dah greenlight, kene plak horn dengan orang belakang..haihh..semua tak kena harini. haihhhh...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm back!

whew..finally back to the office :)
Melbourne was GREAT. very COLD!
travel report later, got to do some work!

Monday, May 11, 2009

I'll be away for 2 weeks.
Yay! i can't wait for that. Been very busy at the office lately. It was so hard to take care of all the bosses. They caused me headache :)
I'm going off tomorrow. YEAH!! Finally :)
I have settled everything. Need to go to EPF and do the payment for company afterwards. And...need to go to clinic after work for anti-influenza injection.
Noen and Yoyo asked me to join them for dinner tonight. But I haven't do packing yet....hmmmmm...okay got to go! da!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fear Factor

I'm just an ordinary jane that afraid of height, pain and dark. But to overcome it, I always tell myself, “fuck!! I can face it!!” and I will usually try to handle it.
For instance, when I was little, I’m afraid of dark. To me, to be in a dark room / place is unsafe because on that time I believed that ghosts are every where. It takes time for me to force myself to look around when I walk alone in a dark. Now, if I pass by a big tree or an abandoned house, I will take a look at it like waiting for the ghost to come out. After that I am not afraid of dark-anymore because it just a feeling that we create to scare ourselves.

The same goes with pain. I did lots of piercing to overcome the fear of pain. The biggest fear was when Sonno, a friend from Yogya came to KL. That was the first time I feel it by myself and thought, needle is cruel. Someday, I want to try bungee jumping to overcome the fear of height. I wanted to dive into the dark ocean and find out what’s in there actually. I want to do sky diving as well.


BUT NOT FOR THIS ONE!! I will die if I see tiny holes / round image placed side by side. I can’t stand it!! I’ve tried but I just CAN’T! I HATE MYSELF FOR THAT!!! I hate acupuncture stones at the park (yeah, I’m weird, so what??) and I HATE the breast picture that I’ve found when I was blog hopping yesterday. If you are brave enough, please click


Monday, May 4, 2009

I’m using this image as my PC wallpaper now. There are still A LOT of countries that I need to stopover. Next target would be Sabah (probably end of this year-still trying to persuade several friends to take scuba diving license with me!) and Thailand (hopefully in Jan). Now I just want to focus on this month’s trip. Hmm, can’t wait for next week :) the 2 weeks leave has been approved last month and I hope it’s all worth it. I haven’t do visa yet, hopefully I could settle everything by today. Hell yes, I want to try bungee jumping (if I have enough cash and if I have guts) and HELL YES, I want to watch ‘AGAINST ME’ acoustic show. I CAN”T WAIT for the excitement but I don’t want to get over excited!!