Monday, June 30, 2008

Hectic Weekend

Food not Bomb

Food not Bomb, Bau-bau cafe

Kallachi Restaurant, Penang

Oh, we travel with style!

Friday Night, 27.6.08
Lots of things to be reconciled at the office. Went back home late, and felt wasted on the road. Had a mouthwatering beef lasagna & vanilla tea for dinner at Strudels with my dear one.
After dinner that night, Yo and I (only both of us, my partner couldn't make it) went to Bangi for my sister's dance show and we got lost! It’s all because we missed one junction, at Jalan Istana, and ended up using different highway. And another mistake we made, we took Kajang exit, and ended up driving around Kajang town (which I'm not really familiar), and tried to figure out how to go to Bangi, by following all the signboards. Noen waited for us at Uniten, for almost an hour. I called Sue, a friend who studying at Uniten for direction, but still failed. Finally, we got out from Kajang town, using PLUS highway to KL, make a U-turn, and took Bangi exit. I called my sister for a help, and thanks to Yo for being a good co-pilot that night. We finally managed to stopped by at Uniten (to lead Noen’s way), and directly went to Petronas Training Centre in Bangi.

Erm, it was a dance competition, a lot of teams participated and the best part was, Harith Iskandar was the emcee for that night. Oh, we had so much fun.
We went back home around 12.00am, and I have to sleep early to save my energy for the next day.

Saturday, 28.6.08
On Saturday, I got up early in the morning. Had Fried Maggi and iced tea ‘o’ for breakfast at Annexe, CM with my partner. After breakfast, a friend told us that the van that we supposed to hop in was full, so, the two of us have to take bus to Penang. To me, our friend should have tells us earlier, so that we could book bus ticket 2-3 days earlier. Plus it was a school holidays. I dont think its easy to get bus ticket on that time.

We rushed to Puduraya, we checked every counter but no tickets available. It was 9.30am on that time, and suddenly one of the ‘ulat’ came to us and he was trying so hard to sell his RM40 bus ticket to Penang to us. My partner bought it anyway, and he told me that he has to, or otherwise, the two of us will be extra late to arrive Penang.

The ‘ulat’ guy said the bus will be departed at 10am at Platform 16, so, we’ve waited there and when it’s almost 10, one guy told us to walk, out of Pudu, and while walking we kept our fingers cross, hope to get a good-conditioned bus (an actual bus, not a school bus).

Luck was not on our side. It was a school bus with a red-shabby curtain, and we departed from Pudu really late, at 10.45am. To comfort myself, I told my partner that both of us should be thankful, even though it was a school bus, it still got air-cond. We slept as the bus began to heads off…

Several hours later, I woke up because I started to feel sizzling. It was so damn hot, my partner told me that the air-cond was not functioning. DAMN!

All the seats started to make noise, kind of annoying reverberation on the bumpy road. Despair, both of us kept chit chatting, tried to ignore the noise of the seats and the hot sauna ambience. I realized, it takes time to kill time.

At 3.30pm, we arrived at the Jetty, the weather was extremely HOT. Tom called us; he said they were already at the Jetty. We met them on the ferry, and they asked us to squeeze into the van. They kept laughing, when we told them about the bus. Yeah, it was quite funny experience, anyway. Even both of us burst into laughs.

The gig took place at wisma Oh Kongsi, about 5 minutes from the jetty. A lot of bands were playing that day. We had a lot of fun, tho. We had Nasi Kandar (superb Nasi Kandar) after the sound check.

Oh yeah. I met my beloved friend, Naz. She's actually one of my best friends when I was studying in Sarawak, few years ago. She's now married, got one lovely baby girl, named Nia. They just moved back to Malaysia after spent 2 years in the United States. Naz and her husband fetched me and we had chendol, a nice chit chat and after that, they sent me back to Wisma Oh Kongsi. When I arrived Wisma oh Kongsi, C.Dung was about to start. Lucky I dont miss their show.

Oh yeah. I love the Aussie band, CRUX. Their music was good. After the gig, we hang out and later, we went to the Indian Food Stall for vege-meal. Fendi, my partner and I had Tandoori Chicken for our dinner. Simply delicious!

At 11pm, we headed back to KL. All of us squeezed into Manan's Estima (8 of us plus guitars and other music equipment). It was really tiring, we've got not enough space and we have to take turn to sleep. Fendi made everyone laugh when he translates every songs' title and bands name to Malay (direct translation, it was really funny. Modern Talking to Percakapan Moden?). We arrived KL at 3.00am. Exhausted, but really amuzing.

Sunday, 29th June 2008
Woke up at 12pm.

Exhausted, but I have to since my tummy asked me to do so.
Had Nasi Lemak Ayam for brunch at Uptown, and went to Cat Whiskers for some clothes.
At 4pm, I went to central market to help ‘Food not Bomb’ team. Thilaga asked me to cook vege-curry, Hana prepared her ‘ulam’ salad, and also, they fried some mixed vegetables to serve the homeless folks.

It was a bit hectic because we were run out of cooking gas. We bought a new one but it was too late. The curry was not done yet, so they just served the fried mix vege & hana’s salad with rice.
At 8.00 I had my dinner at Ampang with my sister and friend.
Slept at 11.30pm,tired, but happy.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Seven Samurai and Ton of Food

My lip hurts! I can’t laugh, I can barely talk, and it feels like burning. Nothing to do with any domestic violence. No one bit my lips and no food allergy involved.
It happened 3 days ago, when I started to feel itchy on my lips, and I am sure it's because of the lip gloss that I have applied on, before I went to work which I haven’t used it for quite a long time. At the office, I keep scratching the whole day, and when I arrived home, I discovered one tiny rounded shape watery inside thingy planted on my lips. At first, I don’t care about that doodad, but after it explodes on the next day, my lips turned to be horror, so I started to freak out. All I wanted to do now is, go to the pharmacy and get whatever cream that the consultant recommends, so that this stupid ‘doodad’ goes away soonest possible.

Huh! Last night we went to carefour to buy dinner. We were starving and atrted to be greedy. So, we bought 1 pack of macaroni and cheese, half bird of roasted chicken, a handful of potato wages, nasi lemak for himself, a cup of hot mushroom soup and a tall stick of garlic bread. At home, while enjoying our dinner, we watched DVD “Seven Samurai”. It was actually a Japanese movie based on a true story back in early 40s. The story was about the unfortunate farmers that need to find way to stop a gang of bandits from embezzling their rice. On that time, rice is very important, and it is more valuable than money.Can you imagine, they even trade flour, wheat and sake for a bowl of rice. Samurai is the warrior that usually hired by the villagers to fight the bandits from taking over their village. If the samurai wins the battle, villagers will give him some percentage of the food production, land and money.

The story begins when 3 of the villagers ran from their village to the nearest town, to look for samurai that can fight for them with a good bargain. To make it short, they found a guy that willing to fight for them for free, but under one condition. He needs 7 samurai, including him to fight the bandits. The guy’s face is similar to my partner’s boss and we laughed when one of the samurai, really looks like Khir Toyo (our former Selangor MB). Haha. Good movie. You should watch it.

Oh yeah. Im going to Penang tomorrow for Dalca Fest. Yeahh. I cant wait for that :) Anyways, I'll update later!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I don't know why I should have this blog.

I am quite busy at the office recently. Some data survey to be done, and a lot of deadlines to keep in track. The purpose of this data survey is actually to upgrade Company's 'Compensation & Benefits' and to set benchmark with the Big Boys in the Industry. It's quite tiring to liaise with the HR departments from other subsidiaries to gather all the information.

OK. Forget about work for a jiffy,

Huh. Can't wait for 5.30pm. Can't wait to meet Yo and Noen tonite. Can't wait to have a good dinner (probably we'll gonna have Indian food on banana leaf,) and a good chat with the girls.

My sister is working in Bangkok now until this Friday. I'm not goin home tonight, gonna crash my friend's place, perhaps. Oraits, gotta go! Chioww.