Saturday, March 6, 2010

it would be really nice if....

My throat is killing me. I have taken antibiotics and I’ve drank cough syrup straight from the bottle since yesterday. Yet still no improvement. Yesterday I was on MC. I had (and still have) terrible coughs. It keeps me awake in a middle of the night. Two days of sleepless nights caused me migraine.


Right after I got MC from the doctor, I went to Mamak for breakfast. I had Maggie goreng and warm water just to fill up my empty stomach so that I could nourish myself with drugs which I got earlier from the doctor. After breakfast, it was still early in the morning so I decided to go to the workshop. I almost forgot March is the time for Rudy’s next check up. Anyway, Rudy is my car. He serves me well for 2 years and a half. While waited for Rudy, I walked to the pet shop across the road. Outside the shop, there were a lot of birds (in a cage of course), and when I went into the shop, there was this one little puppy grab my attention. It was so adorable; I can barely turn my head off of it. For god’s sake the puppy was so friendly. Not forgotten it has a pair of cute sad eyes, white color with brown spots. I really wanted to take her home, but I can’t. How can I take a good care of her? I don't even have time for myself. I came out from the shop few minutes after because I felt a bit sad for all the animals. They are not supposed to be locked in a cage!

After Rudy’s done with his check up (luckily it was less than hundred), I decided to stop by at food not bomb house to drop the pots, plastic plates & cups which I bought months ago for FNB. I really miss that house, the last time was in October last year, I went there for a freedom fest (Steve Towson’s show) organized by Poodien.

When I reached the house, Luna was barking. I calmed her down and realized how I miss Luna ! She has grown bigger. Poodien, Nunu, Avroco, Husni & Solar (the cat) were there too. Poodien was busy doing his thing (anyway, his new self-portrait is awesome!), Avroco and Husni were chatting at the living area, Nunu was busy adjusting pictures to be put in her blog and Solar was sleeping in a middle of the living area. Solar is a big boy now. I managed to hang out at the house for a while and later on, all of us went out for lunch at the food court nearby.

After lunch, I went back home, take meds and dozed off. I woke up at 7pm, took a shower and went to Sunway for Pips’ jamming session. Arrived home approximately at 11ish, watched dvd till I dozed off -again.

Anyway, it was my first MC for the year 2010. Have to take extra precautions so that I could avoid stupid illness such as sore throat in a future. Sore throat sucks!! However, I have to admit that it was such a nice day of MC. Sometimes I do imagine how nice it would be if I can only work three days in a week. I will get more time for friends, family and pets... Too much to ask, ey?


soul traveler said...

nice story...

Lee Ee Leen said...

in some American cities there is a 4 day work week
But here in malaysia there are enough public holidays already heheh

Lee Ee Leen said...

hahhah thanx yes 'meltdown' is an awesome tune

Miss Canabiss said...

soul: hehe,just another boring story of mine

ee leen: yup, it is!try listen to citizen fish, all of their tunes are awesome :)