Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Women's Day!

Women Reclaim the Night was totally awesome. I was happy because lots of my girlfriends showed up at Cloth and Clef. The place was packed with almost 200 people. Some of them cannot came in, so they have to wait outside. We were quite lucky to get a table and a place to sit inside, even though it was at the back. It was quite hard to give attention to the performers since everyone at the back were hectic socializing and mingle around.

It was a great show ever. We played electrical set that night (thanks to Joe for lending us his electrical guitar), we played 8 songs including 2 cover songs from Marjinal and Dara Puspita. The most priceless moment: when all of our beloved friends were enjoying themselves.

Anyway, Rice Above will be another excuse for all of us to skip work on the next day. Some friends told me they have to take MC and even worst; sleep in a file room at the office after a fidgety (but fun) night at the rice above.

Couldn’t agree more with Yuen’s fb status today:-

Rice Above is a political act. Because of it, productivity of companies (and schools and government agencies) dropped drastically on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

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Miss Canabiss said...

yeah, i just realized that i was accidentally hide the post about Thailand, which i wrote back in January.
FYI, I've never been to Pattaya but according to a friend of mine, Pattaya is a great place to visit even with a family+kids.please avoid going there in June-Oct cause its gonna be rainy season.

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