Monday, March 8, 2010

goodbye phlegm

Cough is getting better now. Thanks to the Chinese medicine. No more sleepy sensation and the most important thing, no more phlegm. Momma introduced it to me on last Saturday and I fell in love with it instantly. Kee Wong tablet only costs RM 15 per bottle 2-3 tablets to be taken with warm water 3 times daily. I love it to bits!

Another story,

Last Saturday I received an invitation for a BBQ get-together at E’s (theme: naughty, sexy, bitchy). E is one my closest guy friends which I’ve known for almost 9 years. He’s a great guy and very cheerful person. First time I met him when I was in Matriculation College, back in 2002. We climbed tall gate together, he used to be my ‘fly’ partner on that time. Everyone thought we are couple (on that time), but hell no, E is more interested in guys. E always cheers me up whenever I’m down. Both of us still meet each other until now.

Ok, back to the BBQ night. Nothing fancy, just a common get together, but it was fun. Sue, Wawa, Marwan, Remy, Evi and E’s schoolmates were there too. I ate a lot of chicken wings and we shared lots of stories among each other that night. I think we should do it more frequent in a future!


suekahati haha said...

E's BBQ best. syg semua! tukarlah link blog aku tu cik kiah!

Miss Canabiss said...

owh,dont know link sudah tukar!ecey!