Friday, June 11, 2010


I am exhausted of everything. My brain has stopped functioning since 3-4 months ago. I live my life by tracking the gut feeling, trying not to bother about things around. I have stop reading good books, stop reading crappy newspaper, stop listening to new songs, stop producing and composing new songs (I’m not sure when was the last time I strum my guitar), I’m in an idle atmosphere to write new lyrics or even blogging, stop watching good movies and have stop mingle around with new friends. Not sure what is happening to me, but obviously I hate myself for that. In other word, I am now hibernating. I am officially wasting my life, doing nothing, apart from work 9-5 at the office on weekdays.

Anyway, a lot of things happened in the past few months.

On the 24th April, two of my girlfriends and I took a train to Johor Bharu. Hana, being the cutest - rascal in the family walked around the train in her Feline costume. Arrived JB at 630 in the morning, we walked to the opposite Mamak for breakfast. At 8 am, Fahmi fetched us and we continued our sleep at the Embrace Hall. The gig was actually a benefit gig for Mika. The gig ended at 9pm, and we went back to KL on the same night.
We took late-night train (with bed!) to KL at 1130pm. Before that, we had our dinner at the China Town in JB and all of us agreed to check- in cheap motel to freshen up ourselves so that we could sleep well in the train. We walked around the China Town; we’ve found a contemptible motel and straight away asked the big guy (with Motorhead patches on his black jacket) for the room rate. We told the guy that we only want to use the room for 1 hour, only for a quick shower. He said we cannot do that, but he changed his mind after he saw Hana wearing Marjinal t-shirt and started to ask us ‘baru balik dari gig ke?’
After a little chat with the guy (we paid only rm10 for the room for 45 minutes use) the guy walked us to the room. All I could say, the room was beyond dodgy. The mattress- no bed sheet + sperm map, there was no mirror at the dressing table plus scratch marks on the wall. The bathroom was beyond horror. Whatever it was, all of us went back to KL safe and sound.


I met Bintang; the tiny kitten at Gudang Noisy. He is so adorable. Anyway, Gudang Noisy has completely changed; from a crusty-looking repository to a punk-family living hall. Nunu has moved in, she rent a room at the back of Gudang Noisy and the room completes with a nice balcony.
Other story about Gudang Noisy,
Last few weeks, Noisy has been ambushed by the blue - uniformed. I was having teh tarik at the Mamak next door and suddenly there were about 3-4 of them (not wearing their uniform) asked the kids to give them their Identification Card. Me and several friends instantly leave the place. The next thing we know, all of the kids were asked to go inside Noisy and all of them were taken to the nearest police station by 4 trucks. We waited in front of the police station in case the kids need help. At 630am the kids (negative for the urine test) were released, and the other 12 were wedged.

Next story,

My partner has moved to another place, somewhere in Bangsar. I really love the new place especially the spacious balcony. The house is so well-located plus the green surrounding totally chills my eyeballs. I still have to get use of the bathroom / toilet instead :P
The previous landlady feels so discontented after my partner told her he has to move to another place. She is like a dear sister to us. Before my partner moved out, she and her husband treated us marvelous dinner.

A good friend of mine launched his first book last week. I heard a lot of good reviews about his book and wish to go to his book launch at Annexe on this Saturday. What a friend like me could do least is to be there and support him. I wish I could go to his book launch and congrats him, face to face.

Other thing,
This Sunday a couple of friends and I will partake for a car boot sale in Shah Alam. Most of the stuff are ladies clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, mom’s tea sets, photo frames, and loads more. We’ve done with the price tags; price will be around 50 cent to RM 30. No item will be above RM30.

Hope to see u girls there!

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